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There seems to be a lot of balanced, intelligent & educated folks here. I'm somewhat educated in a narrow area as a computer geek (BS Computer Science), tend to believe the NWO "conspiracy theories" - but have doubts about my own substantial bias. Essentually, I worry about the 11% of the world's white population being "consumed" by the other 89% in a NWO scenario (I'm white), and unrelated, but equally troubling, very strict controls placed on that elusive thing called "Freedom".

Could it happen? Ignoring race (which always gets me into trouble - go ahead and say it, I'm a racist), could Y2K lead to a UN/NATO "takeover".

BTW, a recent thread here related to this topic is at:


-- Anonymous99 (Anonymous99@Anonymous.com), February 05, 1999


In answer to your question:

1) There will be an attempted NWO takeover by the NWO folks. I wish to emphasize the word attempted.

2) It has nothing to do with race. The forces opposing the NWO takeover have no use for racists.

3) If you are as well prepared for Y2K as possible you are also as well prepared as possible for the other.

4) Finally one does not have to search on the internet for NWO conspiracies. Read your big city fish wrap especially the little articles tucked away in the back. The information is there.

To borrow from Paul Milne because it is so simple and to the point; "If you live within 5 miles of a 7-11 you are toast."

-- Nick (nick@no.mail), February 05, 1999.

No, y2k could not lead to a UN takeover - they are all in worse shape than we are.

No, there will be no race war - neither the few activist Black Muslim groups nor the couple hundred thousand white supremacists in this country are capable of any sustained offensive action...and the rest of the American public thinks both groups are equally obnoxious - if either group tries anything they're likely to find themselves relegated to mad dog status, and lose what little safe harbor is currently provided for them by the protections they have under the Constitution. In fact I regularly encourage those I know who are preparing to realize that they can never, ever trust a white supremacist...

Arlin Adams [who is of German American descent and has no time whatsoever for latter day hitler wannabes.]

-- Arlin H. Adams (ahadams@ix.netcom.com), February 05, 1999.

Anonymous 99, You can rest assured that the One World Govt. crowd already has a strangle hold on this country. Our Constitutional rights are being eroded away before the eyes of an apathetic public. The subject of the One World Govt. agenda is far to indepth to get into here. In my opinion, in regards to Y2K, we need to hope for either a bump in the road or a total collapse that puts them out of the picture so that we may rebuild a new society unmolested by such viral infections. If Y2K should cause panic leading to marshal law, followed by a depression, then we've got real problems. This would be the perfect breeding ground for the elimination of what's left of our remaining constitutional rights.

-- Pothead (imhungry@food.com), February 06, 1999.

It is my observation that most countries exist due to racial or ethnic differences in population, and that differences in government are a result, not a cause of demographics. *IF* this is true, and people now ignore race (no more racists) why have separate countries?

In all seriousness, ignoring race/ethnicities, isn't the NWO a great idea?

-- Anonymous99 (Anonymous99@Anonymous.com), February 06, 1999.

"In all seriousness, ignoring race/ethnicities, isn't the NWO a great idea?"


-- stamp (out@world.gov), February 06, 1999.

Look out Clem! That'n Black Helicopter's comin' in for another pass!

-- Anon, for fear they'll take us away (Paranoid@Freemen.com), February 06, 1999.

Keep your eyes and ears open and your powder dry!

-- Freeman (freeman@cali.com), February 06, 1999.

Yes, comrades. NWO is good idea.

-- Vladimir (starving@russia.gov), February 06, 1999.

"Use the mags with red tape, they're full of armor piercing and tracers!!"

-- Clem gettinreddy (Clem@hellhole.net), February 06, 1999.

>>It is my observation that most countries exist due to racial or ethnic differences in population, and that differences in government are a result, not a cause of demographics. *IF* this is true, and people now ignore race (no more racists) why have separate countries? In all seriousness, ignoring race/ethnicities, isn't the NWO a great idea?

If you want to be a slave like the Chinese Communists, then it is a "great idea." The principle is that individuals are the property of the state. Take a look at the U.N. propaganda; look for this underlying assumption that you are owned by the state, in mostly "liberal," but all too many "conservative" policies. I will live in a state that is OF THE PEOPLE, BY THE PEOPLE AND FOR THE PEOPLE. And ultimately answerable TO the people. These are not sentimental notions; I, and many, many others are willing to kill and die for them. The corporate mass-media cartel depiction of such patriotism as "extreme" or "racist" is calculated to herd unthinking sheep into the globalist fold.

Go to your nearest video store and rent "Spaceship Earth," a prizewinning U.N. documentary from the 60s about how we are harming the Earth, and therefore, we must "surrender our national sovereignty" to the U.N. (not making it up - a direct closing quote from pre-doddering narrator, Hugh Downs - who has been rewarded for his loyal service). The film uses SHOCK VIDEO of bloated bodies, sewage, etc. - in place of any pretense of logical argument for their global hegemony. I have no doubt that we face serious ecological problems from human mismanagement; but to use this dire circumstance (and coopt the genuine concern of millions of responsible, caring people) is more reprehensible than the negligence that's caused our problems in the first place. These socialist wannabe dictators have clearly stated that they want a standing army and the power to tax ALL nations - it's no big secret. But we've been so conditioned via their media that we are no longer threatened by it. All the media threats, from terrorism to global warming, serve to scare us into their fold.


-- E. Coli (nunayo@beeswax.com), February 06, 1999.

This is hardly profound, but the day our soldiers went under UN command may have (I hope we don't eventually have to use the word will) marked the end of the American experiment.

-- BigDog (BigDog@duffer.com), February 06, 1999.

The US government is a bloated, bureucratic dinosaur that is going to get beaten severely by Y2K (a certainly) maybe fatally. How can an even bigger, even more bloated and corrupt UN dinosaur expect to make it through Y2K intact and able to function while all governments around it are in ruins?

My bet is that it won't survive a severe Y2K crisis. Fifteen months from now the UN building will either be burned to the ground by looting mobs, anti-UN protesters or by unemployed UN diplomats living as squatters in the building, who'll start fires indoors trying to keep warm and end-up burning it down.

There may be die-hard socialists and one-worlders out there in blue- hat land, but they're bigger Pollyannas than any we've seen in this forum. Most of the UN toads working at UN central are too busy scamming all the cash they can out of the system to feather their nests. If any of them are Y2K-aware, they're probably trying to scam even more so they can get their families out of their homelands and into the states.

A full-force Y2K will be bigger than any national government can handle and even bigger than what a one-world government could handle if one were in place when Y2K happens. The UN is going to go the way of the Leauge of Nations during the Depression and WWII. And if we're lucky, we'll have learned our lessons and there will be no third try.


-- Wildweasel (vtmldm@epix.net), February 06, 1999.

WW presents an elquent case but leaves out one interesting tidbit. The international banking families have now succeeded in forcing every country in the world off the gold standard. Australia was the final holdout, but for the last year they have been dumping their gold reserves on the open market, artificially holding the price of gold down while the banking families are industrially buying up massive amounts of gold for PRIVATE ownership, not for their banks. They even managed to swindle Russia out of one third of it's gold reserves through Loans from Swiss and American banks. When all the artificial currencies crash and the people of the world are wallowing in pretty toilet paper issued by their governments, The SAME SONS OF BITCHES will come crawling out of their holes like the cockroaches they are and guess what? Here we go again.....

-- Nikoli Krushev (doomsday@y2000.com), February 06, 1999.

Well stated Nikoli!!!!!!!!

I was beginning to wonder if you had gone 'underground' :):) Hadn't heard much from you last couple of days........

You are definitely one of the 'few' on this NG who truly Gets It regarding NWO........yes there are a 'few others'.....but most here, just don't seem to understand what 'they' are really doing, nor how much of a threat they really are!!!!!!!!

I would be very interested to discuss this with you off the forum as well........


-- Paul & Sandy Stambaugh (patches96@worldnet.att.net), February 07, 1999.

Nikoli, Your posts points out why purchasing bullion coins is such an appropriate part of our preparations.

-- Eggbert (jswhegf@gf.com), February 07, 1999.


Good point on the gold issue. But I think that the power brokers worldwide and in DC are looking at Y2K through financial institute goggles and not reality. They got off the fence on Y2K because the bankers and stock market types told them that the money computers will have problems 01/01/2000 and that would be bad for the tax revenue system.

But what's going to whack everyone is going to be the embedded systes in the utilities, energy, food production and distribution, transportation and communications industries. All the banks in New York and Zurich can be compliant as they can get. If there are no communications, no power, no utilities and the customers are starving then the bankers will start starving too. And let them try and eat their gold or trade it all for a sack of rice.

What's going to be priceless if Y2K hits a 7.5 or worse (I see a 6.0 today and if things don't improve dramatically before Dec it goes to 8.0) will be the materials needed for starting over the way the south did after the Civil War. Farming tools, building tools, survival tools in general and the food they produce will be the new currency.

I'll bet that the bankers don't think to stock up on those tools, just gold as you say. "Gold will buy what else we need" is likely the thought. But I don't see many people who'll have and be depending on those things being willing to give them up for gold when the banker's supplies run out.

So to paraphrase Marie Antoinette; "Let them eat gold."


-- Wildweasel (vtmldm@epix.net), February 07, 1999.

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