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My wife told me she just now heard Ag Sec. Glickman announce that the concern about Y2K and food is ridiculous... buying food is, I believe he said, "frivolous." There were some assurances that in the event of trouble, USDA would distribute food. He, of course, is a member of the administration which our president promised would set a new record for ethical standards. Come to think of it, I guess they have, but I'm not sure it's the kind of new record some expected. Anyone (such as myself and other farmers) who has dealt with USDA over the years will find Sec. Glickman's assurance a source of chuckles. Someone should ask him how much grain USDA owns right at the moment. Funny thing; it isn't much. For that matter maybe we should ask Sec. Glickman how much grain HE owns. If you talk to him and he's looking for some, send him to us, we're in-stock and we ship grain next-day, inexpensively, via the private sector :-)

Btw, our farms would run fine without our computers. Without fuel, seed, fertilizer, replacement parts and huge amounts of electricity... gimme a break.

-- Gary Hansen (, February 05, 1999


A few days ago Linda gave a link from the USDA to an Ag.magazine with an article on a farming family and their preparations... I read it and now I find it strange that the same agency is presenting no need to stock up.... Don't you find this double speak amazing?! Either we have an internal war of confusion/opposing directions/intent or we have bedlam and confusion within the govt. agencies... either way we are in trouble if they don't come to some consensus that is people friendly.


"We've done considerable reading and investigation on Y2K issues. As I see it, there is no way around supply interruptions for the Year 2000," says R.U. Ready.

"Some will start before 2000 and others could occur for an extended time. So we want to be prepared for at least a year."

R.U. Ready Family members have discussed Y2K and have developed some preliminary strategies. For the farm business, these involve purchasing enough supplies in 1999 to carry them through the year 2000.

"Since booking two years of supplies amounts to a major financial decision for most farmers," notes R.U. Ready, "we will review these plans as 1999 rolls around. While our operation is financially solid, we still have to be careful with expenditures. Currently, the plan is to have fuel and chemicals on hand in 1999 to farm another year. We'll also have some of our seed needs on hand."

There is a lot more...not being a farmer, I found the whole article very educational... Thanks for the orginal post Linda.

-- Shelia (, February 05, 1999.

Just a plug for Gary from a satisfied customer... I had already bought wheat and oats but was still diligently looking for corn when I was alerted to Gary by a friend. I received my corn (good prices, good clean healthy corn) within 3 days of ordering. Gary and his wife are friendly and helpful and easy to do business with.

-- Shelia (, February 05, 1999.

Thank you Shelia!! Your cow will be in the mail :-)

-- Gary Hansen (, February 05, 1999.

Let's see now, will that be a milk producer? or marianated, dehydrated and vacumm packed variety?:)

-- Shelia (, February 05, 1999.

I am so glad that someone finally read that article and commented on it. I still find it unbeleivable that it is linked to a government site given the fact that so much of Farmer Ready's preparations are contrary to what the government has said.

I think it is because farmers are known to be cautious and slow to change their thinking. Such a thought provoking article might ignite them to action as far as getting prepared. We need the American farmer to be prepared.

With no food, who cares whether we have power, phones, water or money. Most of America will starve.

-- Linda A. (, February 05, 1999.

Linda, you say "farmers are known to be cautious and slow to change their thinking..." I think that may apply more to large agribusiness than to the small family owned operation. These folks have been actively adapting for years now in the name of survival. It's my hope that folks like Gary and his friends will be there with solutions when the corporate guys fold their hands and say sorry can't do...

I loved the RUReady article... covered so much ground and in a context that made it a good example for new comers to thinking about preps.

-- Shelia (, February 05, 1999.

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