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We would like to do some lake trout fishing (not an experienced fly fisher). Would May or June be better for this activity?



-- Trudy Ward (, February 05, 1999


Trudy: May is typically the best month of the year for the Tongariro River Delta, and other stream mouths. The rainbows are especially fat at that time of year...primed and ready to swim up the river. You would need a boat for the delta, unless you're willing to do more walking than I would. (I have exact walking directions in the chapter on fishing the Delta) You could also go night fishing at other stream fishing at the Tauranga-Taupo, the Waimarino, and the Waitahanui River Mouths can all be good, too, and all of the above can be fished without a boat. Whatever you decide, it would be best if you AVOID the period of the FULL MOON which often seems to make the fishing more difficult.... If you have further questions, please ask... Lee

-- lee hinkleman (, February 05, 1999.

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