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Hi, I have a couple of questions about F-1 mechanical. If I use the canon lens adapter N that allows use of Nikon lenses on canon bodies, what do I lose?? I assume open-aperture metering. will focal length increase? lose infinity focus?

The Booster T, the meter is in the finder right? can I use Nikon lens with adapter successfully with Booster T finder??

Thanks fo your patience and time, Mike

-- Mike Harrington (mike1h@hotmail.com), February 05, 1999


Using the N-adapter, you will lose full aperture metering and the aperture works completely manual (stops down as you turn the aperture ring). However, you won't lose infinity focus and the focal length won't change either. It's a completely mechanical adapter without any optics in it. Optically, the lens will behave exactly the same way as on a Nikon body. And: yes, of course the Booster T finder can be used with the N-adapter (or any other lens in stopped-down metering mode).


-- Dieter Lefeling (lefeling@icsmedia.de), February 14, 1999.

BTW: instead of using the N-adapter, why don't you just pick up a used, cheap Nikon body for this particular obviously very special lens you want to use? The adapter isn't quite cheap either (and very hard to find) and using the appropriate camera makes everything much more convenient.

Just my .02


-- Dieter Lefeling (lefeling@icsmedia.de), February 14, 1999.

Actually it is the other way around. Im a Nikon user. I received an F-1 with the booster T and only a 50. It is a very cool peice of equipment. But the adapter is impossible to find anyhow. I think Im going to get an F2AS as it meters down to -2EV, almost as low as the Booster T. Ive always liked doing night photography, and the booster was good for that, but it is two different systems, and I cant afford that. Thanks,


-- mike (mike1h@hotmail.com), February 17, 1999.

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