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Henry could you give the details that you have from the reference article on Crown Graphic Modifications as this is exately what I wish to do also Thank you

-- John Q Burch (, February 04, 1999


I have sent the discussion comment from to John. Since it was hard to find and not much information existing on this topic, I will post it here to get it in the archives.


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Posted by George Semple on July 08, 1997 at 12:40:26:

In Reply to: Speed Graphic Modification posted by Daniel E. Rose on June 08, 1997 at 12:48:51:

I have made a few modifications to my Crown Graphic. I read an article in Photo Technique? which gave directions for reversing the front standards, my lens now tilts forward but not backwards. This is good for landscapes and changing the plane of focus. I don't own a wide angle lens (yet), so I have never needed to drop the bed and tilt the lense back.

The only problem with this configuration is you are limited to horizontal shots. Since I had already pulled the front standards off of the camera (upon the advice of someone in I grabbed a dremmel tool and gounded away the square edges of the two plates which help guide and lock the standards onto the rails. It's hard to explain but if you email me I will try to go into more detail.

The end result is a 4x5 camera with front rise, front tilt and front swings. I can also play with the plane of focus when shooting verticles.

I know have a poor man's field camera. It's no Linhof but the camera didn't cost me a dime and my lens is tack sharp and has excellent contrast.

I can now go into the feild with a versatile camera and leave my monorail in the studio. Some day I will get a real feild camera but until then I will have fun getting the most out of my Crowm Graphic.

I have yet to have a chance to put thse modifications through a thorough test. I assume that It will be more difficult that using a camera which is actually designed with full movements, but what fun would that be?


-- Henry Stanley (, February 06, 1999.

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