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In a previous thread I told about checking out the supply of generators in my area. One thing I forgot to mention. We bought our generator on Dec. 19th. Cost $499. On Feb. 3, the same generator in the same store for $699.

I went to buy some more food today. Noticed that both stores I visited had bulk beans, flour, sugar, and cornmeal. This is something new for these stores.

I live in a very community. On the way to the store I was behind a small pick up with a big generator in the back. Then passed a truck with an old wood burning stove in the back. People are becoming aware.

-- Linda A. (, February 04, 1999


I live in a very small community.

-- Linda A. (, February 04, 1999.

I ordered and paid for a 10k diesel genset in August 98. After 3 promised ship dates, my new ship date is next week. Things are really getting backed up and I'm a trifle nervous. Whatever "it" is, buy "it" NOW-do not wait, "it" will not be there or will be extremely expensive if you procrastinate. Look what has happened to bags of 90% silver coinage in the last 6 months! Nearly a 50% premium now.

-- ed (, February 05, 1999.

Another interesting phenomena in our area (Portland, OR) old fuel tanks for oil heat systems are in huge demand with prices rising. 55 gallon barrells way up- availability way down. And the man on the street is talking y2k everywhere when I don't say a thing.

Perhaps the average joe and jane is more awake than we think- wonder if this means runs nd shortages earlier than expected.

-- EC (, February 05, 1999.

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