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i want to find if possible a good binocular for studio and outdoors use with great illumination and at least x4 magnifier for use on tachihara 4x5. Thanks a lot!

-- George Diamantopoulos (, February 04, 1999


How about a $10 pair of 3.25X Dr. Dean Edell reading glasses and a dark cloth? I've been trying this for a while but still not sure if I like it. It lets me get a better, closer view of the GG, but still leaves me just shy of critical focus. Seems to work well for getting tilt and adjusments right though, and doesn't cost much to try it. I am only able to use them in a narrow range of 5-7 inches from the GG. I think they go up to 3.5X.

-- Gary Frost (, February 05, 1999.

You might look in the Calumet catalog or call them and see what they have that will fit their Woodfield 4x5 camera. Since that camera is a Tachihara with a Calumet decal on it any Calumet accessories that will fit it will also fit the Tachihara. A friend of mine uses their reflex viewer on his Tachihara.

-- Brian Ellis (, February 05, 1999.

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