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Hello All, since this board has gone so quiet, let me ask a most practical question: What's the Lord doing in your life and ministry lately? Any praise reports? Souls being saved? Broken lives mended by the Lord? How is the Lord working in and through you? Isn't that what all of our Biblical and theological studies are about?

Praise His Name, Blessings to you all... Mark Jones

-- Mark Jones (, February 04, 1999


I think a lot of people hesitate to brag on the Lord because it's hard to tell about God using your to win souls withou feeling like your doing a little braggin on self. That is why I think it is a good idea to brag on the Lord and simply tell what He is doing through your local church. That way, even if you were the actual member to be used by the Lord to do this or that, you are not lying to anyone when you say, "The Lord has used our church to................."

We are seeing great things happen. One fella named Randy was saved a few weeks ago and has now kicked the dope demon. He now is our "greeter" at the front door and has brought at least four of his family members to the Lord!

Our web site ministries have been seeing great results, especially from backsliders. Just this past week, two e-mailed to say that they had rededicated themselves and several others told us that God was using us to educate and motivate them to greater service. God is so good.

-- Greg "Fudge" Miller (, March 07, 1999.

Our church, Hilltop Baptist Church of Fairfield, Ohio, is seeing God work some wonderful miracles in many lives.

We have had several saved, more than a dozen new members and some wonderful decisions made by others. I preached last night and two came forward to commit themselves to serving Christ. Pastor Wilson has been seeing people at the altar nearly every service. We had 15 at our last Prayer Breakfast, Saturday morning at 7:30 AM--a new record number and what a sweet time of prayer!

People are testifying of driving by our church and coming under Holy Ghost conviction. One day, the pastor had just prayed for a lady and she showed up at his office. She told him that she had driven by the church a few minutes earlier and went on home only to come under such conviction that she had to turn around and come back. Now that's the Power of God bringing in the harvest!!

-- Greg "Fudge" Miller (, April 19, 1999.

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