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Just a reminder. Discussions in which everyone agrees quickly become boring and useless. Not everyone who posts with an outlook different from TEOTWAWKI is a troll. Trolls stink. If someone's opinion is different from your own, tell why. If someone's research is flawed, explain why you find it so. But if it's not inflammatory and full of expletives, give it some consideration. This is an open forum. Keep the discussions rolling.

Sorry. Had to vent. We are quickly dismissing too many people here.

-- margie mason (, February 04, 1999


margie, you have a point, but at least we're actually TALKING to each other. Apparently in real life (off the computer, & on the street) a lot of these people are simply clams. They don't talk about Y2K at all, to anyone, very deliberately, for fear of revealing their preparations.

How is remaining silent about Y2K really any different from lying about Y2K...? The end result will be the same.

-- at least we're (, February 04, 1999.

Margie, if you click on "About" on the front page of this site, you'll find:

"This forum is intended for people who are concerned about the impact of the Y2000 problem on their personal lives, and who want to discuss various fallback contingency plans with other like-minded people. . . ."

"Like-minded people." We've already pretty much made up our respective minds. That's why we sometimes sound so boring, when in fact we're telling each other, "no, you're not crazy, I'm doing the same thing you are, it's okay." Perhaps you agree with those who aren't "like-minded." The problem is, with the above statement as a guide, those who think Y2K won't be a serious problem aren't going to get a terribly sympathetic hearing. If you want the goal statement changed, you'd better write and ask Ed Yourdon who pays for this forum.

-- Old Git (, February 04, 1999.

Then this forum is not an appropriate place to confess my unnatural attraction to pineapple upside down cakes??

And you thought I was stocking them for Y2K......

-- Craig (, February 04, 1999.

Craig, is that why you don't love me anymore?

-- jilted (, February 04, 1999.

No, Craig, only fruitcakes. It's true I have a sneaking regard for pineapple upside-down cakes but, be careful, you'll have Leska and the rest of the FDL (Fruitcake Defenders League) after you. I believe they have launching capability now.

-- Old Git (, February 04, 1999.


-- d (, February 04, 1999.

Darned right Old Git...

We have automatic Y2K compliant slingshots for launching whiskey soaked fruitcakes. (May as well make the occupying forces friendlier).

Diane, FRL -- Fruitcake Resistence League member (join the longest thread in the forum today! But no flames please. Might ignite the fruitcakes).

-- Diane J. Squire (, February 04, 1999.

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