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I use lots of polaroid to proof my compositions high in the Rocky Mountains. Just cannot live without the stuff. Soon I am planning a five day winter trip with tents, skiis, and 4x5 gear. Not light! I have been using hand warmers to warm my polaroid, but it an`t easy and it stinks. I even sleep with my polaroid film and holder in my bag to keep it from getting cold. Perhaps some one out there has a better solution than I and would love to share it with me.... Please.

-- Stephen Willard (, February 04, 1999


Polariod is a wonderful tool for learning composition but if space and weight are a concern for me it is the first thing that gets pulled from my bag. Sometimes you have to work without a net.

-- Jeff White (, February 04, 1999.

Temp does not affect exposure...only development. So keep the packets by one just prior to development. Best place I've found..armpit. I think I recall some kind of little holder that Polaroid made..just for that purpose.

-- C MATTER (, February 05, 1999.

I use a folded aluminum "box" to keep the next sheet of Polaroid to be used and the currently processing one warm. I got thin-gauge aluminum, folded it to make a noarrow container just big enough to accomodate two sheets of Polaroid, clip end down, and short enought so the pull tab sticks out a bit, drilled a hole on either side, and hang it around my neck and down into my coat. You still have to sleep with it but processing is a breeze this way. I agree that Polaroid gets chucked first because of weight, but some clients insist on it and Polaroid makes a great catalogue of images shot on the huge jobs (50 views, 4 negatives of each!).

-- Rob Tucher (, February 05, 1999.

I live in Vermont and in the winter it can get to -50 degs. and any sunny day I am shooting 4x5 sheet and Polaroids.

Usually I develop the film the day after the shoot in the house. And I use the armpit method also, on the floor of the car with the heater running full balst (not recommended)

As for the Cold Clip, that was refered to take 2 pieces of thin aluminum and tape together at one end with a piece of duck tape.

-- Bill Jefferson (, October 08, 1999.

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