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I watched a program on The Learning Channel entitled "Strange Science" in which a gentleman claims that interdimensional flying creatures he calls "Rods" co-exsist with us and can be captured on videotape. The gentleman has developed a sky-fishing protocol so that anyone may capture "Rods"on tape. I know this is way off topic for this forum but Kirlian photographers may know the secret so I'll ask. Having seen the videotape of these creatures, I noticed that the only in the right lighting conditions (shooting from the shade into sun lit areas) are the rods present also I noticed a great amount of flying insect activity. To me knowing a little about photography, I instantly came to the conclusion that these little rods were actually flying insects that had been motion blurred due to a slower shutter speed from shooting in the shade outward towards the sunlit flying insects. The little rods looked more to me like artifacts of motion blur. Very similar in fact to some time exposure night photography I've done in the summer with bugs blurred around street lights. Is this possible? Am I correct in thinking that conventional photography would solve this mystery? Also two bonus questions. Is kirlian done with polaroid only? Is kirlian really just static electricity fogging? Please post your answer here. This is a friends computer and I will check back. Thank you very much.

-- bb (, February 04, 1999


Look at these two links for an answer: ubb=get_topic&f=25&t=001180 ubb=get_topic&f=25&t=000760

-- Mike Klemmer (, November 29, 2001.

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