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Is it just me, or has it gotten really quiet lately in the media? Haven't read a single article in the local Canadian papers etc.

who cares

-- who cares (, February 04, 1999


My husband and I were just talking about that the other day. The last articles I have seen in 2 newspapers about Y2K were 2 weeks ago in one and about a month ago in the other. I'm hearing an awful lost of commercials though for investing in gold coins, and freeze dried food.

-- bardou (, February 04, 1999.

It'll be somewhat interesting to see if there are any "results" reported from today (2-4-99) from the airline industry. This is the first day for actively taking reservations ending in 2000. We'll see if they issue a statement/article. At least it got a preliminary mention on Good Morning America - ABC this morning.

-- Mr_Kennedy (, February 04, 1999.

Yesterdat the Philadelphia Inquirer ran a front page "puff" piece on Y2K. You know, VCR's/cars/elevators etc. Today, it ran a short page 3 article on how our military is "nervous" about the Russian Y2K military relaed problems. It mentioned in passing that we (the West) have a number of people over there trying to help fix their problems. Imagine that - WE are helping them fix the missile systems pointed at US. Seems like an unimportant story to me! I suggest that post Y2K we hang the politicians first and selected news media types second.

-- RD. ->H (, February 04, 1999.

I think this is a combination of attention span and angle.

Well, we covered the survivalist nutcases. Check, done that, no sense repeating ourselves. We covered the dire warnings of danger, check, looked bad on that one, no celebrity failures. We covered the optimistic estimates of no big problems. Check, been there. No major new government announcements, so no news there.

But cheer up. The media want a story. Nothing much going wrong is not a story. Companies doing confidential but desperate workarounds to a rising number of 'glitches' is not a story. When the corn starts popping, the media will take notice. They're waiting like we are.

-- Flint (, February 04, 1999.

The major paper in my city today had an eight-page lift-out on investing in '99. the singular mention of y2k was in an advertisment...

Trademark for sale Y2K BEER

. . Usher in the millenium with this wonderful new brand. Trademarked name for sale. Reply: Y2K Beer, P.O. box 1386, St Kilda south.

The ad is actually a pretty accurate portrayal of current general y2k mentality in Australia.

-- humptydumpty (, February 05, 1999.

Well tonight on the 11:00 news in San Francisco they had a short piece on the Seattle Year 2000 Expo. They plan to highlight something on Y2K for the next two thursdays.

After watching and getting ill, I fired off the following e-mail:

Dear ABC, KGO TV Channel 7 in San Francisco,

Your Y2K reporting on tonights 11:00 news was such a poor job of reporting that frankly, I hope early next year some hot-shot lawyer with a still functioning computer sues you for misleading journalism. You rate a "D" minus.

I attended the Year 2000 Expo up in Seattle, but I spent most my time attending the excellent presentations discussing how to create prepared communities. I also discussed the power grid situation with the Bonneville Power Company, supplier to the Pacific Northwest and Snohomish County PUD -- they both had a booth on the same floor as the guy with the composting toilet. As usual, you guys missed the real story. Then there were representatives from the King County Office of Emergency Management, but of course you missed that story while focusing on the gold coin dealers. Clearly, you must have missed the Red Cross people too.

Im so disgusted with your narrow minds I could spit! Can you people who deal in one minute sound bytes even comprehend the domino effects of global problems impacting domestic supply chains? No? Well, do some in-depth Y2K research then try some decent investigative reporting.

Lives depend on it.

Hint: Start with the health care industry.

Regards, not my best ones,


-- Diane J. Squire (, February 05, 1999.

quiet about y2k but everytime I turn on the television for the past week ( or the radio) all I hear about is the possiblity of terrorist attacks !!!! Are they prepping us for the idea??? Something is behind all the media hype!

-- Moore Dinty moore (, February 05, 1999.

Here in Australia, I have two friends who work nights or other "odd" shifts. Both report that the Australian ABC radio and TV network habitually reports its Y2K stories between 11pm and 5.00am. On numerous occasions one of these friends will report seeing (or hearing) a Y2K story late at night, but during the day when most people are awake and watching (or just watching, anyway) there is nothing, nada, zip. I now believe this means "they" (whoever) are making sure the stories have been covered, but as few people as possible get to see them. Am I paranoid??? I don't think so!

-- David Harvey (, February 05, 1999.

Diane wrote: "Dear ABC, KGO TV Channel 7 in San Francisco" You go girl!!! Excellent! Too bad they will probably round-file your letter. :-( Bobbi

-- Bobbi (, February 05, 1999.

I think there was a lot of Y2K news coverage in late December and early January because we had reached "T-minus 365 days" till Y2K. News is temporarily slow now. It'll pick up again when there's more news about uilities and news about companies cutting off non- compliant vendors.

-- Kevin (, February 05, 1999.

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