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Can a non-compliant computer bring the virus into your updated computer if the two computers are connected - business or home computers?

-- Cheryl Herringshaw (, February 03, 1999


Cheryl: Simply put, Y2K is not a 'computer virus'. These are two completely separate issues.

But if you are asking if if one computer which is functioning badly due to non-Y2K-compliant software can potentially cause problems for another computer which is itself running 'Y2K-compliant' software, the answer is yes.

This is especially true when any two computers which are exchanging information 'trust' each other. Perhaps the most troublesome part of this is that, under some circumstances, the owner of the 'compliant' machine might not even realize there is a problem until much later (i.e. until the effects are seen by humans)

This is generally viewed as more of a problem with inter-business communications rather than with home computers. Typically, there is nothing running on your home computer which is 'mission critical' so I would not be especially concerned here unless your use of your home machine is not typical. (This is not to say some problems might not exist, only that if they do, they most likely will not be life threatening)

You might be interested in an earlier thread here that addresses the same topic: Mp

-- Arnie Rimmer (, February 04, 1999.

As Arnie said, Y2K is not a 'computer virus'. You can bring in erroneous data from an outside source, and that can be an insidious, creeping invalidation of your data.

It is widely anticipated that the many of the more destructive hackers and even enemies are likely to exploit the confusion by spreading viruses that are timed to 1/1/2000. Word Macro viruses in particular are expected become rampant, so a top-notch anti-virus program will be essential.

BTW, Arnie, have heard about this monster?

This Win95/CIH virus can actually over-write a flash BIOS chip. (it corrupts, not re-programs. At least not yet.)

Think about that for a moment.

sleep tight...

-- Lewis (, February 04, 1999.

Italics off.

-- Lewis (, February 04, 1999.

Hard to find good help. ask my boss.

-- Lewis (, February 04, 1999.

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