Flash Sync?????

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I have an Autoreflex A and usually use the X flash-sync. or the bottom one, i think it's X and then i used the M or the top one, and my pictures cam e out all funny. this is the second time ie's happened, can some one tell me what might be going on? Thanks Jon Potter

-- Anonymous, February 03, 1999


Jon: The "M" socket is for long peak flashbulbs. X is for electronic flash. The flashbulbs (now mostly non-existant) cast their light for a duration much longer than electronic flash. X synchronization requires that the flash fire at the moment the shutter is fully open. Focal plane shutters expose the film by passing light over it film with a narrow slit the width of which is determined by the shutter speed you select. On Konicas the fully opened shutter occurrs at 1/60 sec.

-- Anonymous, February 04, 1999

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