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Hey group,

This is to let you know that Frank Simmons will be coming to the cohort on Thursday, Feb. 4 from 5 to 6 to talk about data analysis and to answer any and all questions you may have. So Ed and co. come prepared to ask questions, and others of you who are dealing with numbers. I think this may be worthwhile for all of us even though currently your project may not require it. Falls under that category of stuff a master teacher knows.

The multiple intelligence text is in and will be distributed. As of now, the APA for cohorts book isn't in, but may be tomorrow. I also have other info. for chaps. 1 and following. We can talk about it. Note the updated syllabus. It sounds like we should take in the Toxic Child speakers I left in, and note we'll be talking about, doing stuff with an intelligence a week. I've shortened our meeting time at the end of the semester, so that we're done at graduation with class meetings. No more class trips are planned to the Cities.

For those of you who haven't met with me for portfolio assessment, we'll do that tomorrow (2-4). Plan on bringing work with you for thesis stuff from 6 to 8. We'll need a little time to brainstorm in group too, I would think.

See you tomorrow.


-- Anonymous, February 03, 1999


Boy - it seems like whatever Cohort II wants, Cohort II gets, from Frank. Thanks for your organization. I believe that the data speaker will be of great value to my research also since I'm sitting here with piles of survey results and not a very clear direction as to where to go with it or how to report it. The alco sight has been busy this week! Could it have been the semi-scolding from Frank or that hurtful look he gave us all for not following through on our own? Anyway, see you all tomorrow. Dana

-- Anonymous, February 03, 1999

Well, I am finally in cyperspace. Since Laura, Jackie and I have conferences, and there will be a speaker, I am hoping someone will be nice enough to share notes or grab a few extra hand-outs. That is, if this note is not received too late!!

Thanks folks. Cathy

-- Anonymous, February 03, 1999

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