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I was reading an article over on DeJaeger's site. The most concern expressed was about the planes falling out of the sky. 23% say they would not get on a plane at the millenium. It occurred to me, that is the most sensational of the coverage the media has presented. That's the part that people heard. It also occurred to me that people hate flying because they feel they have no control. Why add Y2K to the pot? Wouldn't awareness be raised to new levels if people understood how little control they have over their daily lives and that got sensational coverage? Can you, personally, bring food in from Mexico? Can you, personally, bring coal down the river? Can you personally, insure your money is in the bank? I think alot more preparations would take place if people were made aware of how little they directly control their daily existense.

-- margie mason (, February 03, 1999



I have been preaching this poing for several months here, for several years elsewhere.

Y2K or No, Stock Market Flush or No, 911 or No - Get more control of your life.

One of the MOST interesting feelings I have ever had in my life was many years ago when a friend flew me out to his trap line in *remote* Alaska. I stayed there by myself several days. The next nearest human being was 45 miles away. Nearest phone, doctor, store, running water, etc - 130 miles.

It was great. I had time to *really* think on self-sufficency.

I used to present a little problem to those who asked me about survival scenarios. You might want to try it.

Imagine you have sufficient time to prepare and can get just about anything you want. You must be able to carry / drag all your stuff with you. You will be in a similar situation to mine above. Completely alone, no human near, you cannot walk out. Duration - 3 days. Location and climate - like where you are now, or say will be at M day.

What would you take with you?

Whe you come up with your list and re-work it several times, you will have defined your BOB - your Bug Out Bag.

If you don't have at LEAST that stuff sitting around ALL the time then you are, in my opinion, a dam idiot. (A plain idiot is one who does not know, a dam idiot is one who knows and does nothing.)

I have gone through this exersice with over 50 people. I do have suggestions and lists. I do not give them out easily.

Part of preparing to take care of yourself is thinking through the problem.


- Got stuff?

-- Greybear (, February 03, 1999.

Great Food for Thought Margie and Greybear. Many Thanks.


-- Ray (, February 03, 1999.


Forgive me, but you remind me of a feller who called himself Neph...

A simple yea or nea will suffice, thanks.

-- Uncle Deedah (, February 03, 1999.


What's a guy to do when his (adopted) relatives won't claim him but sit around and look at his zipper ?

-- Greybear (, February 03, 1999.

I give up, whaddaya do?

-- Uncle Deedah (, February 03, 1999.

Unc, unc


How soon they forget.

You ever said there were two more. But I didn't believe you at the time.

-- Greybear (, February 04, 1999.

(Slaps hand on forehead)

Oh yeah, me dullard, so solly.

-- Uncle Deedah (, February 04, 1999.

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