Y2K and our Bank bad bad??

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Anyone else see this? Evansville In. Evansville Courier & Press Wednesday Feb 3 1999 Page B6 Business Section "Bank Says Merger not Linked to Y2K". 8th par. reads "The year 2000 issue is both complex and pervasive, involving a great magnitude of systems and interdependencies," wrote Gary Yates, National City's Y2K chairman. "Therefore, while we continue to believe we will be prepared for the new century date change, we naturally cannot and do not provide any guarantees of being so prepared' he said in the letter.

To the credit I will also include the last par. "Your money's safe in the bank," said Hudgions. "Our records are going to be quite accurate." The internet address for the Evansville Couirer & Press is http://evansville.net

-- Caroline Bullford (misfit13@usa.net), February 03, 1999


"We naturally cannot and do not provide any guarantees of being so prepared" he said.

That is the bottom line.

-- me (justme@aol.com), February 03, 1999.

I am so pleased you led me to this article. I bank with National City and this will save me a lot of time.

Thank You So Much!!!


-- PMM (grute22@yahoo.com), February 03, 1999.

Yates' use of the word 'naturally' hasn't seemed to register on anyone. It's entirely possible, indeed almost certain, that you can have no known problems and still not be confident that you won't have any later. You'd be a fool to make any such guarantee.

I know I'm prepared. I have no idea if I'm *properly* prepared. Show me a programmer who guarantees his code has no bugs, and I'll show you one whose guarantees are worthless.

But it's up to you. If you prefer a happyface bank to an honest bank, switch banks and sleep easy. I consider Yates' candor a very positive sign.

-- Flint (flintc@mindspring.com), February 03, 1999.

"Banks say mergers not linked to Y2K"

http://courier.evansville.net/cgi/view.cgi?/199902/03/+banks_business. html+19990203

-- Kevin (mixesmusic@worldnet.att.net), February 03, 1999.

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