What do you like about the CampSite?

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How are you guys finding the CampSite? Any suggestions?

Do you like the photos too, or are most of ya just in for the pretty cartoons?

If no-one objects, the site will go public after I've finished adding photos.

-- Jeff (jlouis@email.com), February 03, 1999


cool campsite Jeff and Andy. Goodwork boys. Can't say I've done the same on the video but I will get into it now that I'm not working. So you can't email on my work address rchung@nm.com - you will have to use my hotmail address (however I have limited access to a computer with the internet). I will keep you guys posted on the video front.


-- rob chung (robchung@hotmail.com), February 15, 1999.

How am I finding the campsite? It was there when I got on the net today.

Any suggestions? Yeah. Very politely... Jeff you need to get out more. Good stuff tho'

Do I like the photos? Yes, there are very few of me. That is the way I like it. Keep it up! Yes the cartoons are very pretty, but I'm after more than just looks (in a webpage that is).

Going public? Why not, (so long as you don't put THAT PHOTO in (you know the one)

-- Derek Young (derek_a_young@hotmail.com), February 18, 1999.

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