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Hi Folks,

Progress report:

Y2K Preparations through City Emergency Service Groups

Hamilton New Zealand Y2K City Planning Group have setup a Y2K Education Group to get verifiable information on Y2K progress out to the Community. The intention is to gradually shift the focus from normal emergency preparations for Natural Hazards (3 days).. we have plenty, to the specific kinds of preparations required for Y2K.

The main point of departure is that Y2K will happen, whereas all other Hazards have only probabilities attached based on historical evidence.

What is unknown is the extent of the impact.

We are planning for people to be self reliant for periods of up to three weeks, maybe on multiple occasions from mid year through the next year or so.. We are working with the various existing Community sector interest groups and stake holders to ensure people know they have to attend to their own problems first. We will then be seeking to have the interests of the dependent and differently abled identified.

By encouraging people to be self reliant and being prepared, we reduce the chaos resulting from expectations which can't be met from too much dependency. The fact of the matter is, there is no one else to turn to... we, and every other human community will be on their own. Everyone else will be fully occupied with their own problems.

Reports of Other Community based efforts would be appreciated for the good ideas that will come out of them.

-- Bob Barbour (, February 03, 1999


Do you have a link?

-- RUOK (, February 03, 1999.

A web site is being prepared. I will advise asap.

-- Bob Barbour (, February 03, 1999.

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