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Jimmy Bagga Donuts! If you're still reading, please return. I love ya, and your posts. Get back in here! Randy P.S. Don't forget- I and you was once accused of being the same person...hehe :o)

-- PnkPantha (, February 03, 1999


Avoiding Paralysis by Guilt Is Basic to Y2K Survival

-- (i@watch.closely), February 03, 1999.

No guilt. No remorse. No suicidal tendencies. I just enjoyed Bagga--Plain & simple. Thanx for nothing. Randy

-- PnkPantha (, February 03, 1999.


-- Andy (, February 03, 1999.

Even they can aspire to high office.

-- Tom Carey (, February 03, 1999.

For you folks going through Bagga withdrawl - get therapy - QUICK! On the other hand, if you enjoy musing over possible fun apocalyptic scenarios with Yourdon's infamous infantile troll stay tuned for: A Stash, A Rifle, A Bible & A Bagga Doughnuts - Episode III: Return of the Doughnut Troll!

-- INVAR (, February 03, 1999.

Doggonit I miss him too. Come back Mr. Donuts! Invar, can you tell me how find parts 1 and 2 ? Thanks

-- King of free Estimates (, February 03, 1999.


I'm getting more and more worried about your mental health.

Grieve, cry, wipe your eyes, then move on. Bagga's gone.

-- Uncle Deedah (, February 03, 1999.

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