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Like others, I have noted deJager's drastic change in the last few months. As I recall seeing him on CNN last summer, he looked and sounded angry and depressed. Now, as others note, he is happy things are suddenly "fixed" and we need some humor ! And he wants a cartoon about "the post-y2k microwave" ?! Does this fit the pattern of a person who has been in a moderate depressive mood for perhaps years and now has moved into a hypomanic high ? Any other "Shrinks" out there have any comments ?

-- Lurking Scared Psy (Psycho@Lithium?.com), February 02, 1999


I have to admit that I share your view of Mr. de Jager. While not in the "shrink" trade, one has to wonder about the change in his position.

As I research the Y2K situation I see very little to go "manic" over. While the level of aware has risen, I have not seen any believable reports of progress. I was not originally in the extreme on the potential of Y2k, but I am now leaning that way for several reasons and Mr. de Jager has reinforced my concerns.

In recent interviews he seems to be taking the approach that thing should be all sweetness and light yet he seems to support a position that the curtailing of civil liberties in this situation is perfectly all right. A contadiction in my mind to the extent that I am always concerned when someone feels comfortable with the government taking away my civil liberties. Especially in light of the goverments reluctance to really educate the public on the issue.

Mr. de Jager seems concerned that the "lunatic fringe" will make this a self fulfilling prophecy. Well, the fringe has been there from the start. He views tend to support those who are in fear of armed loonies shooting up the country side.

I feel he is not bi-polar, but more likely becoming bipedal with his knuckles dragging ever so slightly. If his views have changed so much he should fully explain his "new world view" to us poor drones who followed him into the morass.

As I said it appears as though he has a bone to pick with Gary North an there may be some justification but he should lead the debate and not retreat into a sort of "watch the loonies" mentality

-- Terry Clough (, February 03, 1999.

I think the "Peter Principle" level has been reached by deJager. He admits to making $750,000 last year. I believe simple economics won out. Put a muzzle on it, a different spin, how pleased you are that finally just before it was too late, the world started to listen to him. Pure B.S. He wants another year of good cash flow, so the folks that pay the bill for his services want an ally. He buys a place outside the megagopolis region of Toronto in Orangeville and says it was not purchased as a retreat, but simply a place to unwind from his hectic travel schedule. He gets a personal thing going with Gary North. I don't even go on his site anymore, too much forked-tongue.

-- Rick Reilly (, February 03, 1999.

Anyone have any links handy for some recent De Jager quotes please post here for me? Not the old De Jager stuff, some of the new stuff. Thanks.

-- Other Lisa (, February 03, 1999.

Other Lisa,

It's all been covered ad nauseam very recently - de Jager is insert word here.

-- Andy (, February 03, 1999.

Check out deJagers website and go to press clippings. Lots of his recent drivel there.

He always struck me as a psycho. Mad at the world. Constipated.

-- Dave (, February 03, 1999.

But wait!

Now there's more information on what Peter de Jager said. He says he was quoted out of context, and is now clarifying his quote that Y2K as a technical problem has been solved.

Gary North has the clarification on his web site, with no spin on Gary's part. Here's the link...


-- Kevin (, February 04, 1999.

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