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ABC has been having live chats with Senator Bennett and Mitch Ratcliffe. the Ratcliffe transcript is on

The chat with Bennett was the day after that (one week ago). I wish they would announce this on ABC news at night, prior to the scheduled chats. Wouldn't take 5 seconds. Guess you have to stay stuck up's butt to find out what they have going on.

-- shaka (same_as_it@ever.was), February 02, 1999


Hugh Sloan, the World Bank's Y2K specialist for Africa, was on a chat on ABC today (2/2/99) as well.

-- Mr_Kennedy (, February 02, 1999.

Same rosey $#!+ he usually spouts, and of course, assurances that he is right, but never a reference so we can see on what info his conclusions are based. The man is a hack, working for money, putting out a party line. It is fitting that he will be working for ABC. Oh, and in regards to him replying to your email. Have played that game with him on a subscription list, he still doesn't come up with facts to back his position, and when pushed into a corner, & I was being polite he just stopped communication. He is one of the lowest of the low. Everyone, read the interview chat, decide for yourselves. My view is VERY tainted re Mitch Ratcliffe.

-- Mitchell Barnes (, February 02, 1999.

Yes, I see what you're saying (RE: Ratcliffe). I also looked for Sen. Bennett chat transcript from last week. I couldn't find one, but it was mentioned at the bottom of the Ratcliffe session.

-- Mr_Kennedy (, February 02, 1999.

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