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Puddintame, there was a post to TimeBomb2000 on Jan 26 under 'uncategorized Threads' called: Second shortage incounter(kerosene heaters this time).

I wanted to inquire about the Lowes and Home Depot store in Raleigh area that you stated had kerosene heaters. I was wondering which Home Depot/ Lowes store? I cannot find ANY kerosene heaters here in Baltimore. Hardware stores didn't even have them at the beginning of last fall when the 'normal'season to sell them comes. Would you be able to tell me a location of the Lowes/Home Depot stores(street address) or a phone number with area code that I can call to get information on which heaters they have, their prices and directions to their store...from BALTIMROE. I may be planning a trip to NC specifically for picking up some heaters and visiting the area. Any hotels/motels in the vicinity of the Home Depot store that you are aware of ?? Thanks for any info you can supply.

-- Just (justthefacs@yahoo.com), February 02, 1999


You may think about going further south also for heaters. Since the winter has been so mild here in NC and south of here, sales on the heaters have been less brisk and even more so south of here.

Too, go to LOWES.com Click on the Store Locator by state.

-- Mr_Kennedy (y2kPCfixes@motivatedseller.com), February 02, 1999.

I just got one delivered today from mannings.


I was ordered last wednesday jan 27

-- dave (wootendave@hotmail.com), February 02, 1999.

Just, It seems I've read that kerosene heaters may not be legal in all places, so make sure you check out the laws before you invest. Lowe's in Raleigh/Cary are (all area code 919) 1. North Raleigh 850- 9300, 2. Garner 772-4466 3. Cary 233-7000 and there's a new one on off Glenwood Ave. but it's not in the book. Home Depot: 1. Cary 851- 5554 2. Capital Blvd. Raleigh 878-8771 Book also lists one at Timber Drive 661-1393. The heaters I've seen are at the Cary location of Lowe's and Home Depot and the new Glenwood Ave. location of Lowes. I haven't been to any of the other stores. This weekend they still had dozens of heaters although they were being moved to the back of the stores to make room for lawnmowers, etc. I've seen only Dyna-Glo brand. If memory serves right, they're 23,000 BTu and cost about $123 plus we have a 6% vigorish payable to the local sovereign. No recommendation on motels. Most anything should be convenient. And, if you're trolling, congratulations.

-- Puddintame (dit@dot.com), February 02, 1999.

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