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Now the average wait is 4 months on long term food orders, 6 months on one wood burning stove company i called last week, months on some water filters, generators,lanterns,etc. What will happen when all the sheeple and procrastinators finally decide to order supplies around mid year or later, only to be told [there is a 7,8,or9 month wait, you should be receaving your order january..or feburary..]But i need it before december 30. [sorry we are just that far behind]But But But

-- moose (, February 02, 1999


cattle= stampede

-- karen (, February 02, 1999.

heh, heh, heh,

now u see why i bought car loads of generators last year?

Psst, buddy, want a good Generac, cheap -- only 10 grand

heh, heh, heh......

[And don't think someone, somewhere won't be doing it, even if I was just joking.]

-- filthy rich (, February 02, 1999.

So far we've been lucky. A lot of people have opened up new cannery lines for dried foods. A year a go there were Waltons, Bruce Hopkins and the freeze dried camping food people. Now there are hundreds of suppliers.

A lot of people took a look at the food storage bit and decided that they could do most of it themselves. We still can -- when I got down to the point where I was deciding whether to store only canned veggies or to add some dried stuff, I'd been through dry packing, from 5 gallon pails to 1 gallon paint cans. So, I simply ordered bulk dried veggies (from J. Crow) and canned by own. Not a big deal, but it gives me the choice of canned or dried veggies. BTW, the price of bulk dried foods is going up [You expected it to decrease?]

Actually, the only dried foods people need are dairy products (milk, butter, etc.).

I think that as more and more people become aware the need for long term storage will decrease, so that the SAMs and Costcos of the world will do quite nicely.

A lot of people have decided to live without generators, and are preparing with lanterns, candles,alternate sources of heat. If you do this it's nice to have a good lamp. Alladins are now scarce, but the Petromax (not as decorative, but actually brighter)has stepped in. I imagine that there are other lamps, and that people are now scrambling to import them. If worse comes to worse, look for people to start making their own candles. You know we're in trouble when the stores run out of parafin or candle wax.

Food, water, shelter.........most can grab a few things to provide for a few months. It's when you try to live a top-drawer life that things get binding.

But, a lot of people will panic when they realize they can't have the life they thought they were entitle to lead. Should be interesting.

-- De (, February 02, 1999.

Moose - it was a matter of time and this is but a ripple on the beach - be ready for the waves. I know my friend that sells water filters has been busy but he seems to be delivering on time - so far. Anyone interested in a water filter that is portable and filters rain, snow and swimmingpool water into drinkable water go to this address ------ ------- if you put "Duane" anywhere on the form he gives Y2Kers a 5% discount. Moose I think this is just the beginning of things to come for this year. The old saying is, " the early bird gets the worm," and this is a case where it looks like it applies. Good luck on your prep work and start turning up the heat a little. Thanks Moose for the info!

-- Duane (, February 02, 1999.

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