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There is an impending bactriological threat to 120 U.S. cities, according to Mr. Harris, ex-CIA biowarfare expert who was interviewed by Gary North's publisher. I am quoting part of it here. "Are You Prepared To Survive The Coming Terrorist Biological(Germ) Warfare attacks On American cities? Excerpts From Supplement to Remnant Review 1999 By Bruce Tippery , Publisher" "Please read this letter carefully. It contains one of the most urgent warnings I have ever published. It is a code red uegent alert. I am not exaggerating in the least when I say your very life may depend upon the little-known information and advance intelligence warnings revealed in this letter." "...The Clinton Administration is quietly preparing for an all-out terrorist biological (germ) warfare attack on 120 major U.S. cities. Drills are already being conducted. Officials in each of these 120 major cities are now being briefed. But instead of teaching Americans how to survive the expected assault, the Clinton Administration is keeping U.S. citizens in the dark ...U.S. Army Colonel David Franz told Diane Sawyer and Sam Donaldson on ABC's PrimeTime, "The likehood of a biological attack in the U.S. is fairly high probably in the next few years..." Have you noticed the recent increase talk of possible terrorist threat here, over 100 cities are secretly practicing for terrorist preparedness, the need for an anti-terrorist army, more wire-tapping...? are these a hint of what is to come. Read the full article including how they discovery this plot and why they plan to do it before 2000 for yourself and know how to protect your family at under Washington or political news section. Does anyone of you possess a copy of Bio-warfare expert Duncan Long's manual there are supposed to be cheap household items you can stock up that will protect yiou from the comtamination. Any reliable site or sources to get more info.? Don't want to alarm people, but better be ready than sorry. I think we should not have bombed Saddam recently again. It did'nt do much good except more wag the dog. It may have infuriated that madman even more to speed up his plot against America.

-- James (, February 02, 1999


Are you refering to Larry Wayne Harris? I have a copy of his book "Bateriological Warfare, A Major Threat to North America." It is without a doubt the biggest piece of trash I have ever read. About half the book is dedicated to purchasing food and survival gear from a Utah company that he co-owns. His "source" for information on the impending attack is clearly a fictional character, and the overall writing of the book is about seventh grade level. I am not saying the threat doesn't exist, it is real. But if you are basing anything on the word of Harris you need to regroup.

-- Nikoli Krushev (, February 02, 1999.

I tried the address mentioned, but could not find anything on this subject. Can you be more specific?

-- sam (we', February 02, 1999.

If you really think that the federal government and 120 cities can keep a secret this big for as long as you say they have, you are smoking crack. The president can't even keep secrets among his own cabinet!

-- Idiot Debunker (, February 02, 1999.

Idiot Debunker--

I'm not saying that I believe this particular scenario, but you're wrong to think that the Gov. is totally inept. This is especially true when it comes to the three letter agencies. Before I became interested in WWII history, I had just assumed that the Government couldn't keep a secret. Believe me, "they" want you to think that you know exactly what's going on. The public gets, for the most part, exactly the information that they want us to get. Do a little research and you'll find some surprising things. Most of the stuff that's come out because of the Freedom of Information Act still isn't publically known. More importantly, when it was a secret, it stayed that way.

-- d (, February 02, 1999.

Link to Duncan Long's site www. General info on NBC with some details on surviving nuclear attack. Common household items at NBC Guy's webpage He got the info from the US Army field manual 3-5 Decontamination.

-- EC (, February 02, 1999.

You people are forgetting on of the basic principals of todays world.

Reality does not matter. The perception of reality is what counts.

Is the present administration is capable of creating a perception that some horrible event threatens some large number of American cities. -- Of course not.

Is the present administartion capable of all manner of machinations to sert the American public up for something on the administrations agenda -- Of course not

Is the present administration capable of whole sale disregard of the rights of American citizens -- Of course not

If "they" were going to do any of that sort of thing they would first have to stir up some level of interest (fear) about Terrorist Attacts.

They would need to try to organize some new type of "home guard" in the military.

The would need to try some communication exercises in the National Guard.

They would need a bunch of executive orders to pull off anything like that.

They would need a whole raft of Alphabet agencies armed to the teeth and loyal only to their Burecratic lords.

It is just TOO much to imagine.

The American public is not stupid enough to march down the garden path to Martial Law.

Nope, never happen.


- Got beans?

-- Greybear (, February 02, 1999.




-- Deborah (smiling@home.pc), February 03, 1999.

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