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I think we should be careful about prematurely dismissing posts that appear troll-like. As a y2k fossil, I can remember when Leo first appeared on the scene. It was in Gary North 'relocation' forum many months back. From the beginning he showed his characteristic energy and verve. He was unmercifully flamed as a troll, and most on that board went beyond that and accused him of being a government agent, one going so far as to suggest that 'Leo' was a crypto-acronym for "Law Enforcement Officer". After a while he switched over here, and csy2k, where we've come to know him as one of the most interesting posters, giving us a scarce and valuable overseas perspective. Probably the poster here a few days ago with the 8 pages of bank documentation was sincere, though certainly ignorant and naive.


-- Runway Cat (, February 02, 1999



Time and posts will tell.

Yes, it's quite true what you say. Equally, some trolls have been pretty "clever" but they usually trip themselves up.


-- Diane J. Squire (, February 02, 1999.

Sorry RC, but I believe Gerald IS Y2K_MY_ASS (unless they just had the misfortunate to share the same English teacher)... Otherwise, I do agree with you. My chief interest is that we stay civilized (and use the troll posts as necessary to continue to educate) so that I am not embarrassed to refer my DGI friends to this forum.

-- Brooks (, February 02, 1999.

Ha, yes, Brooks, someday the question of the identity of Y2KMYASS may rank right up there with who wrote Shakespeare . Meanwhile, see the link cryptographically hidden in this note (hint: above) for the ultimate in hiding your yk2 preps from the alphabet guys.


-- Runway Cat (, February 02, 1999.


MoVe Immediate.

-- MVI (, February 02, 1999.

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