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I just installed the DSD-150 and it works great in my P2K E7A/B. I built a 1x1x3 plastic baffle for the speaker, added 4 1" speakers, and shoehorned it in the B unit. I can access default address 03, use the horn & bell, and move around. My problem is that some function key variables are defaulted "off" from the factory (including the MARS light) and I cannot change them. I find that I cannot change any variables including the address. I'm using a Chief and whenever I try to program, the response is "noPG". After reading the manuals, it says that the DSD-150 supports paged programming. I suspect an operator problem. Do you have any suggestions? Thanks in advance

-- Jason Cameron (, February 02, 1999


You are in luck. I have had the same bad luck. How old is your Chief? I suspect your Chief is probably one of the early Chiefs like mine. It's nice to somebody besides myself will benefit from my suffering!

You have two choices.

1) Modify the Chief or have it modified for you by Digitrax. The resistors in series with the programming track need to be dropped to a much lower value. I'd go into details, but I suggest option 2.

2) As a result of my problem, all Chiefs since then have different resistors in them. In an attempt to be backward with the people having older Chiefs, however few of us there are, you can change just about everything in OPS mode on the mainline. I believe address 3 is the only address you can't change in OPS mode.

If option 2 doesn't work, I wouldn't worry about trying option 1. Do call Steve Dominquez at Soundtraxx. And do let us know if you needed to do something else!

-- Allan Gartner (, February 02, 1999.

Allan, my Chief is a year old. I think I will return it to Digitrax! Jason

-- Jason Cameron (, February 02, 1999.

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