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Several months ago I purchased the book "Back to Basics" & discovered "Ready Made Resources" where you can purchase almost anything pertaining to survival.We found they are located just 30 miles from our home. First trip,we purchased oxygen obsorbers,mylar bags, vacumn sealer,water purification tablets & a couple books.They had grain mills,alladin lamps,water filters, dried foods & anything else you would need for survival. He was located way out in the country,no sign by the road.We had stopped at a local service station for directions & no one there knew about it. It was in a building next to his house,& not much parking.Inside were people who had traveled from Mississippi to purchase supplies & others who had driven a hundred miles or so.We went every other Saturday & each time it was more congested...didn't go for 3 weeks & when we went this past Sat.we learned they had relocated to a large building on the main hwy..which was still rural.The parking lot was packed & inside it was as busy as Walmart on a Saturday.They were out of Alladins (can't get any more for 8 months),no grain mills,water filters...They had the showroom displays which they won't sell.All these people were spending lots of money.The owner has a tractor trailor on sight for storage & was bringing more items in.They had lots of nitro sealed # 10 cans of dried foods...but it was being bought as fast as they could get it set out. The owners wife said they couldn't get things priced because it was being sold so fast they couldn't keep up.I guess there are a lot of GI's in this mountain area. We have been preparing for months now.We didn't have to relocate...we live on a 58 acre farm surrounded by woods & the river makes a horseshoe around our property.You can't imagine how many times I tried to get my husband to move into the city so I could have a modern house & the convenience to shopping etc. Now I am so thankful for this old farmhouse & my husbands stubborness.It didn't take me long to "get it" ...I did the research & my husband agreed immediately.We aren't looking forward to the breakdown of the infrastructure,but we are preparing for it.After our trip to Ready Made Resources Saturday, we have decided to kick it up a notch.

-- Kara (, February 01, 1999



Thanks for sharing. I am glad that we bought our supplies early.

-- me (, February 01, 1999.

I have a cabin near Tellico Plains. Can you tell me exactly where Ready Made Resources has relocated to. Thanks

-- L Crow (, February 02, 1999.

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