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If the Euro programming job was the second biggest ever attemped and the Jan 31 reconcillation date has come and gone then why are the banks open for business? Thought I GI but wondering now.

-- GiJoe (LastDays@the.Party), February 01, 1999


1) The recent conversion was only a partial implementation.

2) Probably worked on it a lot longer than they have or are going to on the Y2K stuff (After all, the New World Order (NWO) consolidation of countries and money systems is more important than any "minor" inconveniences to the peons next year.)

BTW -- the top politicians worldwide and in the U.S. will make it through quite comfortably, regardless of what happens (short of Sadaam nuking or gassing Washington, D.C., London, Paris, whatever).

There are hyndreds of bug-out holes throughout the U.S. for GovCo -- I may be wrong, but I seem to recall about 90 in the D.C. area alone. Your tax dollars at work.

-- A (, February 02, 1999.

Keep in mind that the Clearing & Settlement phase for January is now in full swing. And corrupt data is hard to detect at first.

The Jo Anne Effect is similarly wreaking havoc as we speak.

My prediction is that you will see these problems making headlines soon.

-- a (a@a.a), February 02, 1999.

If the conversion has problems that can be hidden from John-Q-Public, you can be sure you won't hear of them.

-- Mr_Kennedy (, February 02, 1999.

I've worked on a few financial systems. Most modern financials already have facilities for working in multiple currencies. One would think that the Europeans, trading among themselves, would have had those types of mutli-currency financials in place already, especially those involved in cross-border commerce.

The Euro is just another currency. So, set it up in a table and away you go.

This is why I believe there have been relatively few problems. Only those entities running on single, domestic currency systems would have been exposed to problems.

Y2k is IN NO WAY ANALOGOUS to the Euro conversion - not in scale, scope, or pervasiveness. And while we're at it, the Jo Anne effect hasn't really kicked in yet because fiscal years that begin in January 1999 end in December 1999.

-- Nathan (, February 02, 1999.

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