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I want to buy a lens for my enlarger. Is it worth the extra cost to have a 150, or will a good quality 135 do? I have a Nikon lens for my camera, so I'm thinking about a Nikon enlarger lens. Is an older Nikon lens, the type you find used in the camera store, as good as the current model as long as it is in excellent condition?

-- tim kimbler (starman2@gte.net), February 01, 1999


Nikon makes fine enlarger lenses but I wouldn't buy that brand solely because it is the same as your lenses. I don't think anyone these days thinks that there is any particular advantage to matching your enlarging lens and your taking lens. With respect to the basic question, I opted for the 150 just to be absolutely sure that I would minimize the possiblity of uneven coverage. I've read messages from many people who say they have good, even coverage with the 135 mm. Nevertheless, it's nice to be sure and the only disadvantage (apart from cost) is that my maximum enlargement size is less with the 150 than it would be with the 135. However, I can make a 16x20 enlargement with the 150 on my enlarger and that's as large as I would want to make anyhow.

-- Brian Ellis (beellis@gte.net), February 02, 1999.

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