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I developed five sheets of film in my 3010 drum for the first time this weekend. I used the recomended amount of chemical. The result was that three of the sheets of film had a purple spot on one of the long sides close to the edge near the center. I find it curious that all three of the sheets of film had the spot near the same general area. I put the film in the drum per JOBO instructions. Any thoughts?

-- tim kimbler (, February 01, 1999


Hi starman,

I had a similiar problem with my JOBO 3006 drum (expert) I couldn't resist getting one of these for myself (used) After my first blunder two weekends ago, I switched the way in which I loaded the film. The best and recommended way is the short end first that is the width end goes into the tube first not the length. Position the film so it is flush with the top of the cylinder. Also note different numbers of sheets get a different amount of chemical. ie 300mL for 6 sheets in my case. Hope this works.


-- john dorio (, February 03, 1999.

JOBO doesn't recommend an amound as far as I know. The 270ml on the side of the drum is a minimum. As was mentioned by your other respondant, you should use a given amount per sheet and not vary from this. I always load film notch up, and flush with the top of the drum. You must start dry, or at least without drops of water. I put the correct amount of chemistry for that run and the number of sheets I am doing in the developer bottle, set the chemistry amount to the next higher level than the bottle holds total, and let the Jobo empty the bottle. Jobo is not accurate. When I fill a bottle with 1000ml of solution and set it to use 730ml, it almost always uses 900ml to 1000ml.

-- Rob Tucher (, February 05, 1999.

I have been using a Jobo 3010 for two years now. I do mostly C41 processing, but used to do a far amount of TMax RS development also. You are correct there are minimum amounts of chemistry depending on the number of sheets of film being devloped to use and published by Jobo. I follow the charts to the letter. When I first started I had problems similar to yours. My problem was because I placed the film in the tubes backward. I had the emulsion side facing outward rather than inward toward the center of the tube. When the film is installed properly the film id tabs should be on top and to the right when you are facing the film in the tube. Hope this helps.

-- Stephen Willard (, February 08, 1999.

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