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I'm looking for advice on how other photographers are transporting Quickload and Polaroid 4x5 sheets in a backpack. Both (the Polaroid in particular) are somewhat fragile compared to standard film holders. I don't want to carry the Quickload box as it takes up quite a bit of precious cargo space when you don't need 20 exposures. Has anyone found thin Rubbermaid containers which could do the job?

-- Larry Huppert (, February 01, 1999


Larry, I use the Quickload boxes to carry both the QuickLoad films and the Polaroid film. even when backpacking. I looked at tupperware too but the pieces I saw took up more space than the Fuji box. If I know I'm only going to be making a couple of images I'll put both P'roid & QLs in the same box.

-- Ellis vener (, February 02, 1999.

//are transporting Quickload and Polaroid 4x5 sheets in a backpack.//

I use a quickload container with the top(side) cut off. I carry it in a domke pouch on my belt. Within the box, I have dividers to separate the film types. I also have a "box in back" of the domke pouch to hold "exposed" packets. Let me know if you want more info. I'll e-mail you a digital photo.


-- Rob Adams (, February 02, 1999.

I tend to carry Quickload film in a ziplock bag. Individual sheets are flexible and easily damaged; however, if you put 20 or so sheets in one bag, lined up in a block, its stiff enough that I've never had a problem with damage. Better yet, using one of the large (I think its gallon size) ziplock bags, you can put in 40 sheets in 2 blocks of 20. This takes up almost the whole back and forms a nice rigid package.

-- Rob Rothman (, February 02, 1999.

I found a small pack (purse -- ???) with a shoulder strap, and several pockets that lets me hold about a dozen Polaroid 4 x5 films -- just slipped loose into the pocket -- the holder in an outside pocket, a small lightmeter (Gossen Luna-F) a couple of filters, and a note book.

If I am using sheet film, I can carry 3 Grafmatic magazines at one time, plus the other items I mentioned.

The pack is about 7" x 10". I found it at a Bass Shoes outlet store. I think I paid $15.00

Something similar ought to be available at almost any shopping mall.

PS -- I have not had any problem carrying the Polaroid films just slipped into the pocket. I am just careful not to stuff it too full so it puts pressure on them. There is enough room to carry the inner cardboard tray of Polaroid film if needed.

-- Tony Brent (, February 03, 1999.

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