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I was wondering if anyone could give me a site where I could find out just how the utilities, telecommunications, and food people are doing with fixing there problems. It seems everytime I find a site it is dated 1998. I want something recent.

Another thing I wanted to add was the fact that if the many of the things we rely on for survival do not get fixed in time. I think the Gov. will let us know....right at the last second....thus, causing a huge panic. I think it is important to know that the Gov. must not be as relaxed as they lead on....because if it was going to be OK I think FEMA and the Red Cross would not have put out any statements.

Please feel free to respod..



-- PMM (grute22@yahoo.com), February 01, 1999


Do you mean how they SAY they are doing, or how they are REALLY doing?

-- (@@@.@), February 01, 1999.


The 3rd post following this one should give you an idea of how telecommunications are REALLY doing, despite what they may say.

"AT&T sued for $1 billion in new Y2K lawsuit (a, a@a.a, 1999-02-01)"

The truth is out there, but it's not easy to find. We can start to get a better idea of the truth as events like this occur, which is why most of us feel that it is wise to be prepared, regardless of those who tell us "everything will be fine."

-- (@@@.@), February 01, 1999.


try http://www.euy2k.com/

for starters, follow the pointers from there.


-- Arlin H. Adams (ahadams@ix.netcom.com), February 02, 1999.

The SEC requires quarterly 10-Q reports from large, publically-traded companies - which includes many utilities. These are available at:


Type the name of the company you want info on in the text box and hit the Enter key. The filings are listed in order, with the newest at the top of the page. Find the most recent 10-Q report, click on it to load it, and wait a bit (it's long). The 'Year 2000' section is near the bottom of the report and contains more detailed info than what the lawyers allow companies to put on their web sites or in their Y2K info brochures and press releases.

-- Melinda Gierisch (gieriscm@hotmail.com), February 02, 1999.

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