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In case you weren't reading correctly, in the last post I made, some people said that they were "supporting" the poor through tax dollars. Since I am a college student, I decided to ask one of the economic professors and a sociologist how much of our tax dollars actually go to "support" the poor. They said LESS THAN 8% of our tax dollars go to actually go to the poor. I didn't say that I only gave $50.00 to the poor. Read the post again and then respond INTELLIGENTLY this time. I'll be waiting.

-- Travis Johnson (, February 01, 1999



Do not feed the troll!

This person is here to DISRUPT THE FORUM.


-- E. Coli (, February 01, 1999.

Travis, I do have an answer, but since you are a college student, you are not much more than a skull full of mush, and since you are most definitely a troll, any answer to you would be futile. I won't even touch on what I think of most college professors (especially sociology profs.)

Find another sandbox to play in little boy.

Wasn't it Churchill who said,,"When you're young you think with your heart, and when you're old you think with your head"?

-- Mike (, February 01, 1999.


You have a lot to learn. And you WON'T learn it college. They mainly instill socialism into vacant brains. Socialism does not work over the long run because people abuse the system. Big example: Nazism, which is a contraction of the words National Socalism. Think about this!

-- TTF (, February 01, 1999.

Actually, I think Churchill said "When you're young, if you're not Liberal, you have no heart. When you're older, if you're not Conservative, you have no head."

I think this whole POOR thing is a strawman. While, I'll give the benefit of the doubt and take Travis at face value, a youthful Liberal who thinks with his heart, IF this were part of a disinformation campaign, it's brilliant. Here's why:

WLEFARE is one of those issues that people have very strong feelings about. Many people have expressed the feeling that individuals need to be responsible for their own actions, and take care of themselves. Pretty basic, really. While I personally think the whole Welfare Queen thing is TOTLALLY overblown, I think the whole Corporate Welfare thing is totally UNDERBLOWN.

Corporate "welfare" ie: subsidies, tax breaks, government efforts to aid US corporations overseas, etc. accounts for much more of our tax bite than "helping the poor." While people are perfectly willing to yell and scream and bitch about some poor single mother who applies for food stamps, very few people seem to level the same kind of incredulity about huge corporate subsidies.

IF there were a disinformation campaign happening, a good issue to pick on would be the whole area of welfare, knowing how strongly it arouses people's passions. Yet, when those passions are aroused, it rarely gets into the corporate welfare part of it. People seem to love talking about shooting beggars at their doorsteps, but never seem to get into the corporate issue.

So, in a divide and conquer disinformation scenario, what better way to deflect the real issues at hand than something like this?

Travis - taking you at face value, here's a quick response:

We all do what we can, within our means and desires and will continue to do so. It's our individual choice. Some people have more of a desire to do some good in the area of helping the poor, others less of a desire. IF TSHTF, priorities may or may not change, again, on an individual level, and depending on each person's circumstances.

If you are preparing for a bad case scenario due to Y2K, buy some extra stuff, so you can feed others. Many of us here are doing this, many aren't.

What more can be said? Give it a rest...

-- pshannon (, February 01, 1999.

Keep on waiting Travis.

-- d (, February 01, 1999.

Since your college professor is on the public tit, what they hell would he/she know about what portion of every dollar goes to welfare. If I rememeber correctly, Bardou posted several "bite you in the ass" tax burdens, and he/she has left out many other tax burdens. Your professors need to go back to school and learn economics the way it really is. The poor choose to be poor.

-- taxedtodeath (, February 01, 1999.

Professors are on welfare you punk. Why would you ask one of them? I have two inlaws on the public tit that happen to be professors. They don't do shit except travel and write an occasional book.(all expenses paid by the taxpayers.) The teaching assistants do all the work at the local university.

When you are older you will understand these things.

-- Dave (, February 02, 1999.

I wonder if Y2K will change the current status of who is needy and who is not. Any guesses?

-- me (, February 02, 1999.

Everyone will be in need of something. Got milk?

-- serious (, February 02, 1999.

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