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Access to a computer has dramatically changed my view of y2k. My sister put a bug in my ear a few months ago, since then I search on net and print out article and she researches at library and bookstores. The access to info I have is much more broad then hers. Thou she has gotten some good books most articles in papers and on tv give the impression this is not TOO big a deal. The red cross and other organizations tell people to prepare but then a govt leader or bank rep. comes out and says it will only be a minor disruption. Without access to the info I get on the net I am not sure I would make prepations either(my inlaws think I am paranoid) when I talk to others, I must admit most look at me like I am crazy. Do you think this positive spin will continue till the last bitter minute or will press suddenly GI and then watch out world! How do you help those to Gi who rely on newspapers and tv as source of information?

-- lbanks (, February 01, 1999


I know what you mean, people thinking you're paranoid and looking at you like you're crazy. If it's any consolation, maybe you should ACCEPT the idea that by the standards of the bulk of sleeping society you ARE paranoid and crazy! Then you can be a rebel and ENJOY your craziness and not worry about what they think!

But seriously, one thing to keep in mind, and try to help others understand, if possible, is the MOTIVES behind the mass media and .gov and .bigbiz types and their happyface spin. This helps to see between the lines. I'm working on a MEDIA primer, give me a day or two to finish and I'll post it the the forum. There are lots of other threads here, also, where people talk about the motives behind the spin. Keep researching and keep preparing!

-- pshannon (, February 01, 1999.

lbanks, your post points out one of the many incredible ironies which accompany this issue. The problem, to whatever extent, will manifest itself as a failure of computing systems. Yet, computing systems, through the internet, may allow some individuals to properly prepare for the possible "disruption". You are right about the internet. unless you were to hole up in a university library and read periodicals and government documents 24 hours a day you could never begin to assimilate the mosaic of information which, right now, portrays a nasty picture. With all respect to the Yourdons, no handful of writers would have the effect of the internet where you can track not only the Yourdons, but also the Greenspans, the Bennetts, the Horns, the NY Times, Vanity Fair, FEMA, Red Cross, Nat. Guard, Wired, all the way down to the lbanks and the Puddintammes of the world.

Your post is timely in that this forum has recently been the site of some possible shills who might try to manipulate your opinion for their own purposes. Who knows how to differentiate a troll from a shill from a naif, but I bet there will be plenty of opportunity to sharpen your skills on that within the next few months. Question everything.

-- Puddintame (, February 01, 1999.

In addition to helping us gather Y2K info that most people do not see in "mainstream" media, I think the net is probably the most practical way for people who are not pros and do not have lots of connections, to get the nitty gritty on many current events, especially if most of the news media go along with the "offficial" or otherwise "in" version of a story.

I will not list some of the non-Y2K stories that come to mind because, obviously, they are all off topic. :-)

But do not be surprised to find yourself way ahead of your friends and relatives on other topics if they do not get around to using the web, or if they use it only for games, shopping, and/or email.


-- Jerry B (, February 01, 1999.

I too am getting flack from others. Most people think that anyone who is more than mildly concerned about Y2K is unstable or something. When I told one friend about my concerns she looked me in the eyes next week and asked me "if I was ok." You know, the "have you lost your mind?" look.

My inlaws will not discuss it at all. Some of my friends get it, others do not. It is hard and frustrating. The ones who have repsonded the best have actually been willing to look at the info. that I have printed off the web. Articles, testimony, etc. Do your best and forget the rest.

-- me (, February 01, 1999.

What a great thread. I was thinking the same thing only this morning in the shower.

Anyhow I won't repeat what's already been said by Puddintame - great piece.

I'm looking forward to reading your MEDIA primer Pshannon. Don't keep us waiting too long.

-- Carol (, February 01, 1999.

Everyone needs to read the articles on National Guard's big New Year's Eve bash- all December leaves canceled in giant y2k mobilization plan - Secret meetings at the Army Readiness Center in Washington - will recall 480,000 Military National Guard - not done since 1940 - "The way it's going to work is, the guard is going to break the United States into seven grids"- The National Guard is not planning Comex/Mobex on its own. The exercise will involve at least the Federal Emergency Management Agency and other civilian federal agencies as well. They feel Y2K may cause significant problems which will require the guard to take care of civil unrest and riots. The problems are not all going to take place at midnight as Dec 31, 1999 gives way to Jan 1, 2000. The first potential for Y2K manifestations will occur during the summer of 1999. By Sept, there will be the first 9/9/99. There is another event in Oct and another in Dec. The National Guard will inform every adjutant general of the exercise, tentatively scheduled for May 1 and 2, of 1999 to wrap all plans up and the command-and control structure it will take. Also Congress has purposed to have New Year's Eve come on Jan 3, 2000 instead for Dec 31, 1999, that was they hope alot of people will still be at home when the clock does not turn over to 2000. They said the Calender had been changed four time during History - starting with Julius Caesar. Be sure and check out the web site - for all the investigative series on the massive National Guard exercise planned in response to possible Y2K chaos. Under Mr.Y2k web site

-- jackie stanley (, February 01, 1999.

Thanks for the great feedback!! looking forward to your post pshannon

-- lbanks (, February 02, 1999.

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