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I am making a film about the Great Lake region of Africa and was interested in featuring Sakuma culture. I was interested especially in how long Sakuma have inhabited this region of Tanzania and where they migrated from originally. In fact I have a lot of questions but I have tried conatcting the e-mail address for M Besserie but my messages are rejected!

can anyone help?

-- Matt Thompson (, February 01, 1999


I am Tanzanian by nationality whose,currently residing in USA. I am going to school here. at Wayne state university located at Michigan state,in usa. Actually sukuma people are one of Tanzanian tribes. Tanzania it self as a country has more than 120 tribes. I am from one of those tribes. email me back and tell me exactly what you need. And I wil have you in touch with sukuma who going to school in United Kingdom. Or if you think I can be any of help let me know.

thanks alots!

-- martha myles (, March 01, 2001.

I am a Msukuma. Your frustration is also mine, I can't get through to M. Bessire. I might as well help you if you still need soma information on the Basukuma. I myself is one. Contact me if you still need more information on the subject.

-- Bela B. Kalumbete (, April 01, 2001.

Mark Bessire can be contacted at the following Email address:
-- Peter G. Neaman (, May 04, 2002.

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