Leska, Did you see KOMO Y2k Town Meeting 1/31/99?

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Or did anyone else? I caught the last 10 min, after superbowl. What I saw was not encouraging. I gathered that the commentator ridiculed people for storing up supplies. The Sherrif said that we will have to be able to take care of ourselves? Any comments from anyone who saw broadcast? What was the "Spin"?

-- Michael (what@happened.com), January 31, 1999


Town meeting on Komo Was a repeat from about a month ago. A few good points were brought out but not much of a breakthrough. The power people never did give a straight answer."Dont worry we are working on it"

Martin in Seattle

-- Martin Thompson (Martin@aol.com), January 31, 1999.

Was this the one that featured James Wesley-Rawles and Nicholas Zevigintov? It was aired about two months ago, and didn't give much information. I actually though Nick Z. did an alright job. He truly seemed more concerned about peoples reaction than the Y2K problem itself.

-- RobbY2k (robby2K@unomail.com), January 31, 1999.

Hi y'all, just got back from shopping, Cliff Bars 1/2 off plus 10% box discount. :) :) Gotta have some yummies next year.

Didn't see the superbowl ad or KOMO show, sorry. Hardly ever watch TV, but did for first time buy a cheapo TV-VCR combo last week (our little TV did not survive the 99 rollover), was watching Ed & his dtr's video which was lent to us. Good video for newbies! Slow & positive-enough paced to take notes and feel like one can prepare easily.

Kind sharing Yourdynamites, if there's going to be a Y2K show on, please post on a thread the day before; otherwise it's hard to know about it. (Even then hard to catch ;-) Thanks!

Doesn't surprise us that a Sherrif would say we have to take care of ourselves. All our research points to local impact hitting hard and ppl needing to be self-reliant. Imagine police & fire etc. will be quite flabbergasted & scared & worried along with the rest of us. Who wants to confront masses of hungry frustrated mobs who are feeling deceived and angry? Even Koskinen said the pitchforks would go after the locals. However, if we work with police & fire beforehand and try to help inform, plus help inform & prepare our neighborhoods/communities (of course after ourselves & family), nobody will be in such dire straights.

Personally, we would rather the police & fire be free to attend the unexpected embedded disasters, such as chemical spills and ecological nasties, and not have them be the ones to have to deal with traffic problems, looting, etc. which should be addressed and prevented way ahead of time in block meetings and citizen patrol rotations.

Police & fire personnel are better trained and equipped to deal with intense hazmat disasters and citizens should stay way away from those situations. Also, there will be so many fires & gasline explosions due to unsafe heating/cooking accidents; firemen need to be free to deal with that.

We'll believe the utility companies when their services/products continue thru 2000 :)
Plan not to have those; then their prevarications don't matter as much to one's anxiety pendulums.
Also, obviously there will be increasing ridicule; don't pay attention; no time left for unnecessary blood boils. When somebody heckles us now we just smile and say with genuine heartfelt enthusiasm, "We really want you to be right!"
Quick diffusion of confrontation and the heckler struts off with his/her ego nicely pumped up. So what. Leaves us alone to prepare and enjoy this year ;-)

Ashton & Leska in Cascadia, who feel like this January has lasted a cram-packed year already

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-- Leska (allaha@earthlink.net), January 31, 1999.

and you will even get to see your fearful leader on the 14th!

my, see how they swoon...

Mr. Ed on the tube!

-- Mutha Nachu (---@ocean.com), February 03, 1999.

"Sunday February 7, 1999

Y2K: Financial Chaos?
Sunday February 14, 1999

After January 1, 2000 will you be able to get money out of your bank? Will your ATM card work? Will you have any money in yoour savings accounts? Will your stock portfolio tumble, wiping out your 401-k? Will the Y2K bug bring down our banks and stock markets and result in financial chaos? Banks and the securities industry are very regulated and have been working on this problem for years. They are confident that they will be ready: banks will have money and the markets will operate. But those assurances aren't enough for some, who point out that if banks are okay, why is the Fed printing up an extra $50 billion to cover any problems?

Tonight, Ed Yourdon, one of the world's leading computer educators and experts who brought Y2K to the public with Time Bomb 2000 and Robert Roskind from Y2K Solutions debate Bruce Koppe, who represents banks, and William Bone, who represents the Securities Industry.


Sounds good. Ed Yourdon is an excellent speaker. Unfortunately TV shows are time-cramped. It is fascinating to go hear a panel of speakers with no pressure and plenty of time afterwards for Q & A.

Mr. Yourdon has our 100% support for changing his life and dedicating himself to waking thousands to the need for prudent preparation and practical re-evaluation of one's Just-In-Time dependent lifestyle on vulnerable-to-disruption others for life continuity. Ed walks his talk and exudes decency. Good karma, Ed!

Ashton & Leska in Cascadia


-- Leska (allaha@earthlink.net), February 03, 1999.

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