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I found this article and I think it really puts the whole Y2K thing into prospective. It is very interesting and it makes sense.

it is at:

Everyone should check this one out.

-- PMM (, January 31, 1999


PMM, Thanks for the URL, however, I would disagree that the few sentences you'll find at that site "put the whole thing in perspective." Not only does it fail to put it into perspective, but it give the false impression that we should actually be devoting some of our concern about whether VCRs, coffee makers and clock radios are affected. I would agree with you that that article does show massive problems, but the possible consequences of those problems are not mentioned. Instead the article concludes with a silly juxtaposition of infrastructure system failure and home appliance failure which minimizes the whole thing. Granted that doesn't affect your or my interpretation of the issue, but for the true naif this kind of subliminal minimization could be very dangerous.

-- Puddintame (, January 31, 1999.

Right, my fax machine is not compliant. So what? It's whether there's power for it that's the potential (highly likely) problem.

-- A (, February 01, 1999.

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