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Missed Class - January 27, 1999 Shelby Dowty

I watched the video on Wednesday nights class and received some valuable information from Barb McDonald. I had read the chapters in the book so Barbs reviewing was a great help for me. I still feel rushed on the thesis question but know there is a process we need to follow. I also have had many questions answered after watching the video but many more questions come up through conversations with other cohort members or just by reading the green book or listening to Barb. I still think we need someone from International Falls on our Advisory Council. We need to have someone that can be here for us all the time through this thesis process. When I start writing my paper, I dont want to get down the road with six months worth of work and then told Im doing something wrong. We need constant assistance up here in International Falls reading, revising, reading, revising, etc. I do look forward to hearing from Barb McDonald in the future. She sure does ease my mind on many things.

-- Anonymous, January 30, 1999

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