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It's funny how you Y2K cultists gratify yourslevs in how good it is to prepare for the end of the world as you know it and call people "toast" and tell them they have little minds when they don't do like you and stock up on all the so called essentials for life.

The reason why it's so fucking funny is because when the year 2000 rolls around and the months that follow and your deluded prophecies don't come true you'll all just start using up your rations, save a few bucks, and get right back into the American swing of things... business as usual. Your not trying to change the world, your hoping to watch it burn to the ground and scavenge whats left.

Liars, each and every damn one of you. Blaming the problems of the world on computers and acting like you've seen the light. Your going to be ten steps ahead of everyone on 1/1/00 and you feel fine. but the truth is if any of you actually beleived in what you were trying to do then you'd sell your homes now and move out into the Australian Outback where you can pursue a simple life and not be so dependent on the new age of information. Your not like that though. Your cowards and in a year from now you'll laugh about how paranoid you were and go back to your cholesterol filled lazy lives and not care one bit about the end of the world as you know it.

You can stand around and place blame on everything but yourselves. If your so monumentaly unhappy with the world than you can take a slow boat to china. This is the USA, love it or leave it. Simple and straight forward.

If the thought of Y2K makes you shit your britches then go away and hide somewhere safe. The rest of the world is moving forward into a new age of enlightenment and evolution. We don't need your two faced doctrines and we sure don't need mutineers. If you think this world has become such a bad place... take ALL your Y2K preperations and just get the fuck out of America. You obviously want to.. so what the hell is stopping you. Why wait until January??? Put a loincloth on each of your family members and get the hell out of America.

Whining brats each and every one of you. You say your preparing, but what your really doing is hoping. Hoping for the worst and preparing for the best. Admit it you sick bunch of Y2K cultists.

Admit that you have no loyalty and get your jollies out in the jungle where you can fit in with the rest of the animals.

Y2K is a scam, and to whichever silly freak said she'd love to be there when " the panic sears it's way into my face on 1/1/00" ... your probably the ringleader for your own little survival community. I don't fear the Reaper. I don't care if it strikes at me tomorrow or in fifty years, and your deluded prophecies of hell and damnation for the foolish who failed to "prepare" doesn't give me so much as a twitch. My job it to root out you Heaven's Gate cult members like you and expose you for the sad bunches of laze assed unpatriotic Americans that you are and will always be.

And if that pisses of some retired veteran, I don't care. Think how it would have been if some of your company in the war started talking about how the whole battle was going to come crashing down in exactly eleven months. That your efforts have no meaning and your death would have been for nothing. If I were a war veteran and I saw these pusilanimous Y2K cultists trying to bring down the USA via fear mongering and "investigative spin reports" I'd feel obligated to shoot them on the spot. America... love it or leave it.

Go take your Y2K prepardness packages and feed some people who really need it. You might die sooner but at least you would have died honorably, and not cowering in some dark part of your house trying to protect the dying remnants of your life that you obviously have no respect for since you openly object to it's very existance presently. Your trying to stock up on the same things you have no love for now. Luxuries and technology. The same thing the human race has strived to acheive for five thousand years. And now you think it was a bad idea? Get real !!

You people are the hippies of the 60's, the disco queens of the 70's, the welfare kings of the 80's , and the Tim McVeigh's of the 90's. You got nothing to add to this country but dissent and civil war. Don't tread on this United States of America anymore with your fear mongering and your money making scams. This country was founded on loyalty and hard work, and it's sure as hell not going to be brought down by the likes of you sick cult freaks. So quit while your behind and get a grip on the fact that as a global community and as a global community we decided that this is how we wanted things. Don't spew off about how dependent we are and how weak we've become. You individualy have become weak, but I am just as strong and determined as I ever was and your dreams of anarchy are going to be dashed upon the rocks of the new world. You people are the dying breed. Not us so called DWGI's. We don't want to get it becasue we haev the sanity to realize that you can undo five thousand years of evoltution because of a computer induced disaster. We have bigger and better things to accomplish then going back to rubbing sticks together for fire and hunting for buffalo. So quit your whining and get on the fixing bandwagon. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Don't misplace your inequities on technology. Out them behind you and get on with the world we live in. Like it or not, it's here to stay. God made it this way in His infinite wisdom. Don't propose you know the will of God by preparing for the end. Because folks, it's just isn't going to happen like that.

-- (Y2K My @SS. Com), January 30, 1999


Any FACTS to accompany this barf?????

-- Ray (, January 30, 1999.

The fact is that your not worth the computer your typing on, so why should you value anything but your own miserable existance and hope that the rest of the big bad world goes away quickly and quietly?

-- (Y2K My @SS. com), January 30, 1999.

Question answered !!!

-- Ray (, January 30, 1999.

As I said on the last waste of 2 threads that you started, asshole, you don't have the intellectual capacity to change a light bulb - now go away and get a life dip shit.


-- Andy (, January 30, 1999.

So not only are we "hoarding, right wing fundamentalist Christian, survivalist doom and gloomers" we are now also "anti-patriotic?"

Sigh. I can't fit all that on my sig line.


-- Mercy (, January 30, 1999.

And if you want logic, just look back at the thousands of years of human evolution. You think the whole shebang is going to stop dead in it's tracks because of one little computer error? That we are doomed to roll back the evolutionary scale a few hundred years because we just aren't smart and motivated enough? Thats the real barf Ray. You ought to use the left side fo your brain for a change.

-- (Y2K My @SS . Com), January 30, 1999.

Andy, you might have alot of intelectual capacity, but it's most certainly wasted on the theoretical future and not being used on the here and now. You, like Oppenheimer, might have a mind of genius, but you got nothing better to do with it then blow shit up. Your the dip shit my deluded pal.

-- (Y2K My @SS. Com), January 30, 1999.

Can you take responsibility for the bs you spewed forth? Prove it and get an anonymous yahoo account so I can respond to you without wasting this forum to do so. You are one sick puppy.

-- Other Lisa (, January 30, 1999.

Why do I need a real name? So that you can fill my mailbox with your BS? This forum is public domain. Can't you handle your fights out in the open?? Lisa??

-- (Y2K My @SS. Com), January 30, 1999.

I take exception to your statement "This is the USA, love it or leave it. Simple and straight forward." I happen to think that I am a Patriot and I do think I can prove it with my writings and rantings over the last twenty five years. If y2k is as bad as the experts think it is then it behooves you and me to do some preparing. If it turns out to be a ba-dump in the road then we are still here and a lot of people have learned a thing or two about being independent, free Americans. Scares the hell out of Tyrannical Bankers and stupid bureaucrats. So what if it goes? How many people would love a breath of free and fresh air? Perhaps your problem is that you are either a bureacrat or have invested in the stock market and can't bare the thought of such a piece of garbage System going down. Try to relax! If you think everyone here is goofy then let us be goofy. It is still a free country, sort of, and we can do as we please as long as we do it within the law, and so far there is no law against telling people that "I am a computer programer and I gave the tyrants of the world the tools to control you people but I/we goofed.

"God Bless America again you must know the trouble that she's in."

-- freeman (, January 30, 1999.

I'm not a burecrat and I don't invest in the stock market. And if you thuink for one second this wil be a free country if the system goes down your nuts! You can kiss USA godbye and say hello to China or Russia or whoever gets their ducks in a row first and takes over the former free world. A breath of fresh air, indeed!

And no one has the right to go around being disloyal to the United States. It's by sheer luck that we all got to be here but it won't be sheer luck that we get to stay. It's dedication and hard work and we need to create a United front in favor of keeping things in order, no matter how bad it SEEMS to be right now. We can fix the curruption and greed later, but we won't have anything if the whole the the nation perishes.

-- (Y2K My @SS . Com), January 30, 1999.

Dear Y2K My,

You know ALL ABOUT everyone here, don't you!

There are at least 1000 people posting here. You are addressing all of us as "YOU". "You this, you that, you something else."

If you want to be taken seriously, then I challenge you to choose one of us who fits the profile you are railing against and present your argument against "us" (there might be such a person, but at the moment I can't think of who). Then address yourself to that person, point for point.

Otherwise, you are just ranting to some figment in your head and anyone can just blow you off. Which is what we are doing. (And then you can say "See? What a bunch of #@#%%'s")

-- Debbie Spence (, January 30, 1999.


Don't be so modest. Why don't you go and give yourself the title of Queen of the world since your so damn unique and special. I spent twenty years in a pyscholgical department of the 27th Precinct of the NYPD and another five doing social work for the city of Los Angeles. When it coems down to it, your ALL the same. You can rant and rave and act like I'm a prejudical jackass, but the fact is that people are always going to be people. And your blowing me off doesn't surprise me. You can blow anyone off if that person doesn't patsy to your needs and grovel for your validation. I see a mob of people hell bent on preparing for TEOTWAWKI. And a mob isn't a group of people, it's just one big dumb animal. So sure I can sumarize you. I've been profiling people for decades and I'm damn good at it.

-- (Y2K My @SS. Com), January 30, 1999.

So what is your job? Could it be that you have nothing to do but bother people? Is it disloyal to say, "Gentlemen, we have a problem." Have you ever stood watch in the Army? When you see or sense a problem you take action to notify your fellow soldier don't you? I think the programers should be thanked for telling us that they goofed it up. Why do you love this System so much? It is very anti-American. Are you a commie?

-- freeman (, January 30, 1999.

Your problem is hypothetical freeman, induced by the thousands of pages of web designers who take every possible extrapolation and give it some % point of happening. And even if it's just %.0001 then you go and notify your fellow soldiers. Your creating a pseudo problem by acting like every outcome from possible Y2K disruptions are not likely, but CERTAIN to happen in one way or another. Maybe you yourself are not the most unpatriotic soldier, but your methods stink and you'd more than likely never get higher than the rank of a corporal.

-- (Y2K My @SS. Com), January 30, 1999.

I rest my case.

-- Debbie Spence (, January 30, 1999.

Now we got it. Your a psychobabler. Funny thing happened to me one day. Marriage counselor jumped into my car and started telling me all his problems. His wife was divorcing him and he needed someone to talk to. And I didn't even get to charge him $90.00 for my time.

When my exwife was going nuts she went back to college to become a psycho ologist! Go figure that!

-- Freeman (, January 30, 1999.

Interesting question Y2K - Can you take responsibility?

Yes, and by preparing for an uncertain future, I am taking responsibility for myself if troubles occur. Okay, so that's settled - I am taking responsibility. Also, I'm paying for it myself, no tax dollars getting wasted here.

Now, if nothing happens, nothing happens. Does that make my preparations wrong somehow? (It does imply that my money is wasted, but why should you care if MY money is wasted? (Aside, all my preparations are still available in case power goes out during a future electrical or ice storm, but you're apparently not worried about routine troubles either.)

So, we've established that I'm responsible. What about you? If nothing happens, you may be okay. If troubles occur, what will you do? Who will support you? Will my tax or charitable dollars be carrying your burden? Instead of soem who truly are too poor to help themselves?

Where will you be when the lights go out? Will you be sitting in the dark, hungry, thirsty, freezing, looking at an empty faucet waiting desparately for the heat come back on?

Because if the troubles occur, you won't be able to stop them, you won't be able to avoid them, and you won't be able to do anything to solve them.

-- Robert A. Cook, PE (Kennesaw, GA) (, January 30, 1999.

Actually I WAS a detective thank you very much. I worked as a psychological anaylst because I coincidentaly had a Ph.D. in criminal psychology. Now I'm a social worker, and I don't give out pyschobabble. The truth is the truth no matter how you try and spin my original post.

-- (Y2K My @SS . Com), January 30, 1999.

Unfortunately, there are folks out there who suffer from severe mental illness. Sometimes they decide they don't need the meds anymore and we see the results. If this were a sane rational person, they would run across this forum, disagreeing with it all, think to themselves, "what a bunch of wackos," and move on to something they could relate to. It's not likely that a sane rational DWGI would spend the time and energy to post such venomous threads, unless they were extremely frightened, but even then the odds aren't likely. The exceptions to that rule are those who have a vested interest in disinformation or propaganda. A nut or a propaganda troll, take your pick.

-- Other Lisa (, January 30, 1999.

I am truly stunned. They called me Corporal in the Army. Field Artillery. Gun chief. Was an E6 job but they were short of NCOs so they gave me my very own M109, that's a self propelled 155mm gun. It was pretty fun. Don't knock being a Corporal. To high to do KP and guard duty and to low to do anything important.

-- Freeman (, January 30, 1999.

Y2K My @ss,

I think there's something MAJOR that you are missing. Many of us, through the evidence that we see, believe that there are forces INSIDE the government and big business that are trying to destroy this country in an effort to create a one-world government. It appears that these forces may use Y2K as means of fostering chaos in order to further this agenda.

Many of us "whackos" who report our findings here and discuss thngs do so in an effort to expose this (if it's true?) so that we can be prepared if this is ultimately what comes down. I don't believe that any of the "whackier" of us hates this country AT ITS BEST, but rather see it now AT ITS WORST and are afraid that it will never again be able to live up to the ideals under which it was created and built.

Does that make sense? One of the beauties of this country is free citizens ability and DUTY to seek out and criticize corruption and repression when we see it. If we don't have that right, then we don't have our country.

As an aside, a gentle flame for you:

If your attitude here is representative of "The rest of the world is moving forward into a new age of enlightenment and evolution..." then I KNOW we are all in trouble...

-- pshannon (, January 30, 1999.

Other Lisa,

The apathy is your job. I am working on changing your programmed minds through "venemous" posts. And your debunking me on the idea that I don't take my Rx meds is childish and I'm sure your no shining example of mental health, which is obvious in your reference to a subject you most likely have much personal, direct experience.

-- (Y2K My @SS . Com), January 30, 1999.

Hey Y2K My @SS. Com, how's the COBOL class coming? Better run go do your homework, only 11 more months for you to save the world.

-- a (a@a.a), January 30, 1999.

Aha - a Social Worker - that explains everything, why on earth didn't you say that in the first place, now evrything you've said makes perfect sense... (and a Detective, and a PhD, anything else lurking in the woodwork that you would like to share - any "incidents" in kindergarden that you would like to get off your chest perhaps? maybe that time you drank too much barley wine and went off with those nice Russian Sailors...)

-- Andy (, January 30, 1999.

Maybe I'll change my handle to Corporal! Good idea my ass. You're sending us venom. Poison? Is that how psycho ologists heal people? You give them Poison? What a guy!

-- Freeman (, January 30, 1999.

Psychologists are scary. My dad was head of a private shrink tank. So I knew staff well, but since I grew up and went to school in the area, I also knew patients who were in and out. Some were my friends (yeah, I know that makes *me* crazy, right?). Now it's my turn to generalize, but I could tell you stories about psych staffers that would make your hair stand on end.

-- Debbie Spence (, January 30, 1999.

Mirror, Mirror, on the wall.

It has been said that one cannot see something in someone else, unless it exists in them.

There are many ironies in your post. Many examples of you doing just what you are accusing others of.

Re-read your spewing angry post and pretend that you are writing to yourself. Because you are!

-- another Diane (, January 30, 1999.

You, my friend, are perfectly capable of debunking yourself, as you have clearly shown eveyone. Even the DWGI's will see your posts for what they are.

-- Other Lisa (, January 30, 1999.

"I am working on changing your programmed minds through "venemous" posts."

Now, THAT'S a hell of statement!

-- pshannon (, January 30, 1999.

So, Y2K, how do you feel about the whole "computer glitch" thing?

-- Midnight (Innocent@busrider.trav), January 30, 1999.

I'm very proud of you, Y2K my ass. You have come a long way in therapy, and can now put two sentences together! BRAVO!!!!!!

Is it any wonder that folks look at the "MAN" (establishment) with distrust, ya'll was a cop?

Ahhh well, I see that moving down the ladder of success has upset you.

Such is life bro...and you ain't seen nuttin yet.

-- Uncle Deedah (, January 30, 1999.

It's nice to know that the goonvernment thinks so much of this forum that they are sending operatives to post here.

From what I've seen, they have been busy all over the net in the past week or two. Expect more of this as things progress.

-- Why2K? (, January 30, 1999.

Y2K My @SS. Com,

Your fear almost palpable. Start making some preparations and it will begin to subside


-- c (c@c.c), January 30, 1999.

All of you must be extremely bored to take the time to banter back and forth with this bozo. Amazing!

-- lurker (this@is.amazing), January 30, 1999.


-- Anon (, January 30, 1999.

lurker and Anon

I agree, and yes, right now, at this instant, I'm bored. (9:45 pm EST, must be married to a wife watching Susanne Sommers on home shopping, hee hee)

PS, He will go away anyhow, eventually.

-- Uncle Deedah (, January 30, 1999.

We're just trying to help the poor guy! He couldn't see a problem if you emptied his bank account...y2k!

-- Freeman (, January 30, 1999.

IMO, Y2K My Ass' specific unfamiliarity with the English language has exposed himself as Gerald of recent posts. Maybe there aren't so many new maroons lurking the bandwidths as we thought.

-- Brooks (, January 30, 1999.

OMG! I thought I recognized Y2K My @ss from somewhere! He was my est instructor! Now I really DO GI!

-- sww (, January 30, 1999.

To whoever started this thread...

I happen to think the folks at the following link are decent Americans, but I'm sure that you will want to expose and "root out" (your phrase) these "cult members" (your phrase) and prove that they are "laze assed unpatriotic Americans" (again, your phrase)...

-- Kevin (, January 30, 1999.


You is way too funny!!

-- Uncle Deedah (, January 30, 1999.

"Can you people take responsibility ? I doubt it" I've been thinking it over and now that you mention it, you are a social worker aren't you? I don't think I can do it on my own! Will you help me, I mean, I just can't do it. Help me! Send me some gov'ment money! Take me to a gov'ment shelter! Save MY ASS!

-- Freeman (, January 30, 1999.

You stupid S.O.B's. What does my chilhood have to do with what I'm trying to get across through your thick doombrooding heads. What if I was molested...So what? Thats why I chose the field I went into. According to gov. statitistics 49% of children have been molested. I have taken many of these idiots off the streets. You go through years of molestation by your grandfather and maybe you to would have my strength. I hate you all. I hope you all die. I hate you. You mother fuckers are crazy.

-- (Y2K My @SS.Com), January 30, 1999.

And how does that make you feel...

-- Uncle Deedah (, January 30, 1999.

Y2K my Ass, you're so full of your American self, it's coming out your ass and every other orifice. "get the hell out of America" ? What if some people on this forum AREN'T in America in the first place? The planet turns without america, and civilization with fall from Y2K with or without america.

You're a pathetic troll. What a waste of taxpayer's money you are, just by breathing the same air. Scums like you will be culled in mass while partying. That's what I'll toast to at midnight 2000.

-- (Cheersfor@ll.idiots), January 30, 1999.

Folks, please stop responding to this bozo... He's not worth the effort.

-- Nabi Davidson (, January 30, 1999.

Just for the record:

I didn't post that last Y2K My @ss message. Some OTHER "troll" did. But what the hell. And Uncle, as far as my going down the corporate ladder, it was a concious decision, not a demotion.

And for the rest of you, I can only say that your paranoid delusions have spilled out onto the mainstream society and thats why it's so easy for you to hok onto the likes of Ed Yourdon and Gary North. It's not a wonderful life after all. And the sooner you can change it the sooner you can get your own ducks in a row. But like I siad before, thats not the way it's going to hapen folks.

Andy... yeah there is something I want to get off my chest...

I was shot on duty in my first year as an NYPD officer, which prompted me to go into a less dangerous aspect of crime prevention. I've seen the ins and outs of every scumbag in the psychological profile database and the truth is frightening. The guy who capped me in a routine traffic stop went on the rcord with his deposition and said that the reason I was "harassing" him at the intersection was because I had quote:

"Pent up anger from a sexually abusive kindegarten teacher..."

Coincidence? No, it's the dumb animal I mentioned earlier. Your all the same, one for all and all for one. Your face just keeps changing is all, and when the cards are laid on the table it's always YOU who wind up sorry for what you did.

Thats not constructive criticism, thats a warning.

-- (Y2K My @SS (for real) . Com), January 31, 1999.

Taking into account comments that Y2K My @SS has made on other threads, I would say that this thread is probably the saddest one that I've seen yet. An unfortunate unbalanced mind, full of fear and loathing, and we've been feeding it. It's so obvious, the glaring contradictions and the source of this person's pain and fear, and his (her?) need to vent. Unfortunately, we all get some of the spew on us. My cousin just became a GI and will probably check in to this forum sometime soon. I can only imagine what he would think if this was among the first threads that he saw. I'm almost afraid to give newbies the URL.

Sad, really...

-- pshannon (, January 31, 1999.

Y2K My ass you need go visit Grandpa and ask him for a little fun. Did you swallow? Or did he licky you.

-- (, January 31, 1999.

Y2K ass

Thank You!!

That is the kind of post we can respond to, REAL FEELINGS. (congrats)

We are not nut cases here, we is jus average folks trying to make sense of a wacky sitrep.

I doan know much more than this: sh!t is broke, an the "man" ain't being forthcoming with the "Rest of the story"

All else is opinion.

-- Uncle Deedah (, January 31, 1999.

But,......Nabi,.......He's incredibly fun, and, if we keep him busy then he'll run behind in his assigned fora and, gee, he'll probably look at his progress report, his BP will jump a couple hundred points, and he'll pop a gasket.

Besides, I have some familiarity with the psych departments in a couple schools, and with law enforcement, and with CISM folks. A LOT of this sounds more like fantasy. Nobody with the history he alledges would have been selected for what he indicates. I also have some experience with abnormal personalities, since one of the Ambulance companies I worked for had the contract for carting the folks from the Psych ER to the local Psych Hospital, a 10-20 minute ride. I still think he might pop a gasket, though.




. in my dreams!!

-- nah (not@this.time), January 31, 1999.

It's obvious that this forum has gone to shit. That just goes to show you the "seriousness" of this "problem".

Soon this will just be another Gary North is a Big Fat Idiot forum and then soon after it will be forgotten. Your theories and fear mongering are nothing new under the sun.

-- (Y2K My @SS. Com), January 31, 1999.

Y2K My ass you need go visit Grandpa and ask him for a little fun. Did you swallow? Or did he licky you. They say all cops were picked on as youngsters and i guess you was poked in by grandpa instead, thats your problem.You know society hates you. Your a scumbag that thinks his shit dont stink. You are a very unhappy boy because your personality is of the super ego type and according to Freud know the rest. How many times you been divorced. How many women you had affairs with. Its not hard to figure out because your a cop nothing but a pawn little man. So go play your games with some shallow women. I'm sure theres a few out there that will fall for your line. It won't work in here. Have you thought about suicide lately. I know you think about it all the time..because your a lowlly cop. Nothing but a cop and you'll never ever be anything more. You lie to yourself and think your respected. No one respects you not even your go do can do it...get it over with...remember your just a cop...nothing but a cop.

-- (, January 31, 1999.


Make that we are not ALL nut cases here, I cannot vouch for a few, you guess who...hee hee.

-- Uncle Deedah (, January 31, 1999.

"Just" whatever:

Like I said, nothing new under the sun. You think your original, but there a millions assholes just like you who are serving life sentences for your degenerate personalities.

Go ahead, flame me all you want to. My BP is just fine and my health has never been better. It doesn't phase me one bit.

-- (Y2K My @SS . Co,), January 31, 1999.

Dear Y2K My @SS: By all means say what you like, but please correct your irritating error of using "your" when you should be using "you are".

-- grammar teacher (your@grammar.err), January 31, 1999.


Whatcha doin on the GNIABFI forum? Ya'll got a stick in yore craw? Come on big boy, doan tease me, tell me why your (you're) here suckin up disk space (like I'm not hee hee)

Something got your attention, and it wasn't my good looks.

Or was it?

-- Uncle Deedah (, January 31, 1999.

Oh BTW, "just me"

you want to hear my $.02 worth?

I'd guess you are a woman, mid 30's early 40's, who has experienced a husband who cheated on you. But as far as my life is concerned... I'm an Irish Catholic, never cheated on my wif of 18 years and don't plan on killing myself. So leave the detective work to the professionals, okay?

-- (Y2K My @SS . Com), January 31, 1999.

Well Uncle,

Just call me a sucker for a good brew ha-ha. I guess maybe your good looks don't relate to that concept but maybe if you grew up in my town you would understand the significance to the mano y mano duel. It's about standing up for one's self, and I'm sure as hell not going to let these Ed Yourdon freaks discredit me because they have the advantage of greater numbers.

-- (Y2K My @SS. com), January 31, 1999.

pshannon: I agree, very sad... unfortunately, incivility was well developed by Paul Milne long before Y2K MY @SS came along.

-- saddened (sadder@than.y2k), January 31, 1999.

-- Tom Carey (, January 31, 1999.

Y2K my ass, Just me had it right. Think about it thats all you are. What are you trying to prove to yourself? The world does not revolve around you. Look inside of yourself and admit to yourself who and what you really are. It will change your life forever if you are capable of fearlessly looking at who you really are. Millions upon millions know your type, because your a cop. Theres millions on the streets that understand your personality traits. Dont you understand, thats why we humor your type. Its easier... After all I bet you thought Rodney King and the thousands of unreported others deserve what they get from your type. You cops beleive its a them against us world. You no what, your type created that. Go to the donut shop and flirt with a 18 year old girl and stay out of here. You no it makes you feel powerful. Go talk like a bad ass to your buddys or to the prisoners down at the jail house. You know it makes you feel powerful. You deal with scum of the earth and they don't really respect you. There just humoring you. I bet your only friends are cops. Face it society groups you in the same catagory as the people you arrest. Your shit bud nothing but shit. Are you alcoholic too?

-- (, January 31, 1999.

saddened - at least Milne is willing to put his ass on the line. He might flame the buttheads, but he doesn't hide, and he tells everybody what he's doing. Someone suggested that that might be dangerous for him, but he seems to have a real desire to get people to understand what's going on and what to do to prep. He's crass but consistent.

Y2K my@ss - NOBODY here has discredited you. You've done that yourself...

-- pshannon (, January 31, 1999.

Common Gerald, you started all this shit because you said you had the documents from your bank and you were going to post them as proof of your banks success. Bullshit! Your full of nothing but shit. You was'nt a cop either you idiot. I've seen a lot of trolls come across this board, but you are the sickest fucker I've seen yet.

-- Dickhead (, January 31, 1999.

Now stop it boys, I'm trying to get him to emote.

I am looking for the inner child, the hurting one. You are spoiling it.


Where were we (3w 5e 2r 1h)

-- Uncle Deedah (, January 31, 1999.

Y2K my@ss: You have no credibility whatsoever. Your Ph.D means piled higher and deeper. Please give your credentials and colleges you attended and I will check them out, and yes I am a private detective.

-- ~~ (, January 31, 1999.

Y2K My I spent 15 years in the Army. I didn't see any mention of military service in your resume there. Maybe I missed it. Nah, I doubt it. If you'd been in the military you wouldn't need to ask any questions about responsibility. You could see who's taking responsibility for their life and who's here ridiculing them for it ;)

-- Noah Simoneaux (, January 31, 1999.

We don't want to get it becasue we haev the sanity to realize that you can undo five thousand years of evoltution.} God made it this way in His infinite wisdom. Don't propose you know the will of God.}

This is what you just posted Mr. Y2k! NOW THIS IS THE PART I DON'T UNDERSTAND FIRST EVOLUTION AND THEN GOD? EVOLUTION != GOD. [!= is C code for not equal to]. (________) ( ) ( ) ( ~ ~) o Moooooooooooooooo! Well at least you were able to get alot of feedback on this one! Also you need a spell check!

-- Tman (, January 31, 1999.

This is a question for y2k my ass.

Answer it or fuck off.

I think the following essay bears in-depth reading as it closely ties in with the theories of Infomagic, Dr. Altman and Roberto Vacca, to name just three.

It addresses the system of interdependencies we have built up, by accident - not design, throughout the technological world.

The $64,000 question is - how many and at what capacity do these linked sub-systems need to function to retain the structure of the whole?

This was written by Mike Goodwin.

I've been pondering the root Y2K problem for many years, searching for a concise way to describe the true nature of the potential threat. This week, aided by the phraseology of a scientist, I've constructed this question:

"What is the fault tolerance of our globally-distributed specialization network?"

This is the relevant Y2K question. Remember, it's not the compliance of home appliances that matter ( and why polls keep asking people about home appliances is an unfortunate mystery... ) [no mystery to me pal, deliberate skewing of questionaires in a disinformation campaign - Andy], and the likelihood of failures somewhere on the planet are all but certain. Failures are going to occur, without a doubt.

The question concerns the ability of our globally-distributed specialization network to survive faults. If the global system is highly fault tolerant, it will survive intact, with few disruptions. If the global system has low fault tolerance, we're in for a very rough ride. Perhaps even a multi-year shutdown of civilization as we know it.


Recognize the fault tolerance of our "new" global community has never been tested. In the days of World War II, America was relatively isolated. We could build our own planes, trains and automobiles ( tanks, too ) . We had factories, we had relatively short, U.S.- based assembly lines with skilled U.S.-based workers who possessed labor skills. The network of specialization was much smaller, and therefore, more fault tolerant. Everybody knows the fewer pieces you have in an engine, the less likely it is to fail. Simplicity leads to reliability. Complexity results in a low fault tolerance.

Today, the manufacturing base of America is nearly extinct, and the supply lines for building products stretch across oceans, involving a half-dozen countries for parts. This is the "globally-distributed" specialization network to which I refer, and it is a relatively young system.

It's been driven by economics, by specialization, by efficient ocean- going transports and air deliveries. It's enabled by international telecommunications: e-mails, faxes, phone calls, even video conferencing. International banks allow the moving of funds from buyer to seller, through trusted international clearinghouse networks. This is, indeed, a "network" of a thousand parts, and each part of the machine must work at near-perfect efficiency for the whole system to operate correctly.


So what is the fault tolerance of this system anyway? That's the debate, that's the big question. Clearly, the people who say that systems fail all the time -- with no big deal -- are missing the point. Yes, power plants fail on a daily basis. Phone lines go down somewhere on the planet on a daily basis. Banks mess up transactions with frightening regularity. We understand that this global network has a fault tolerance of at least 1%. But that's not the right question. Y2K isn't a local hurricane. It isn't a local power outage or a local bank error. It's a simultaneous, global slam-dunk event. It may raise the failure rate of this network to 10%. And *that* is the big question: is our globally-distributed specialization network able to withstand a simultaneous failure of 10% of its parts? See, isolated failures always rely on the non-failing services -- and an excess of available resources -- to complete repairs. When a power plant fails, all the power experts get called on the phone lines, and they rush to the scene to fix this lone failing power plant. They use credit cards to buy plane tickets, gas, food, you name it. And when they're done, they go home and wait for the next power emergency. This demonstrates the 1% fault tolerance of our current system. But what if ten power plants go down? Suddenly you've got 1/10th of the available resources for each power plant. Then what if the telecomm is down? You can't reach the people qualified to repair the power. If the telecomm is down, they can't use their credit cards to get there. Then what if the airlines aren't flying? You've got delays, people have to drive. So they depend on oil, but what if the oil tanker shipments are delayed?


See, at some point, somewhere between 1% and 100%, you get a total failure of the network. The real Y2K question, when you boil it down, concerns this number. What percentage of simultaneous failure can the network withstand without collapsing?

Clearly, it's something lower than 80%, something higher than 1%. Perhaps the network could withstand a 5% failure; that's debatable. Imagine if 5% of all financial transactions were bad. That would clobber the financial institutions: busy signals forever. Imagine Wall Street with a 5% transaction failure. The whole system would shut down due to the 5% failures. A 10% failure would seemingly bring most networks down. Imagine if 10% of the parts in a power plant didn't work correctly. That's an off-line plant in short order. Imagine if 10% of the parts didn't show up at the Chrysler plant. That's a sure-thing shutdown. Imagine if 10% of the water treatment plants in the country failed. It would be a Red Cross nightmare, just attempting to supply water to 10% of the population.

In my opinion, the world probably can't withstand a 10% failure rate without severe and long-term consequences. A 20% failure rate would be, I think, a fatal economic event. It would thrust the world into a depression with all the resulting costs in dollars and lives. At a 20% failure rate, the efficiencies break down: the food production and deliveries, the oil, power, banking, telecommunications, and so on.


This is why, when people tell you that 80% of the systems are going to be ready, that's not nearly good enough. Technically, if you believe my analysis, 80% of the systems working is still a disaster. 20% of the systems failing could break the global network's back. In fact, a 95% "working" ratio isn't good enough, either. Even a 5% failure could have long-term, painful consequences. In order to avoid the worst effects of the Millennium Bug, systems need to operate at 99% or better. We need to have less than one failure per one hundred systems. At that rate, I'm confident the fault tolerance ability is sufficient.

Comments ladies and gentlemen???


Two digits. One mechanism. The smallest mistake.

"The conveniences and comforts of humanity in general will be linked up by one mechanism, which will produce comforts and conveniences beyond human imagination. But the smallest mistake will bring the whole mechanism to a certain collapse. In this way the end of the world will be brought about."

Pir-o-Murshid Inayat Khan, 1922 (Sufi Prophet)

-- Andy (, January 31, 1999.

A troll , being trolled by a troll.


-- Mike (, January 31, 1999.

Eh?? I'm insulted Mike!

-- Andy (, January 31, 1999.

Let's see... Guy says he has a PhD, but uses "phase" when he should use "faze." Uses "your" when he should use "you're." I suspect the PhD thing is a lie; the cop thing probably is, too, which means he was never shot in the line of duty... or anywhere else. I think I see a pattern here.

-- Vic (, January 31, 1999.

Beautiful analysis Andy, too bad it's hidden below the venomous mud of the original poster.

Start it in its own thread - so when this dies, we can review it properly.

-- Robert A. Cook, PE (Kennesaw, GA) (, January 31, 1999.

Sorry Andy ,

It referred to something Y2K Ass said earlier in the post.

Not anything you said . :o)

-- Mike (, January 31, 1999.

Thanks chaps,

sally forth under the $64,000 question...

-- Andy (, January 31, 1999.

Naughty, naughty! Did someone get up on the wrong side of the bed today?

-- Mrs.Smackem (, January 31, 1999.

Uhhhh, does this mean you think y2k is no danger? Don't be so shy tell us what you really think!

-- Sue (, February 01, 1999.


Is it time to release the results of your poll yet, I very curious as to what the final count is. Are we are nuts?

-- Uncle Deedah (, February 01, 1999.

Stupid box of silica, Are we ALL nuts?

-- Unk (, February 01, 1999.


We ARE nuts for letting this thread go on for so long!

-- pshannon (, February 01, 1999.

Self fulfilling prophecy ;)

-- Uncle Deedah (, February 01, 1999.

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