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* Before reading on, would you take a few minutes to dust off your memories of marvelous synchronicity, faith that moved mountains, intuition that saved the day, spontaneous collaboration, community resilience, healing and grace? By telling and retelling those amazing stories, our concept of what's possible begins to expand. We realize that we are adept at coping with adverse conditions. We're good at finding our way in the dark. And we are not alone.

Since we're all in this complex predicament together, and since there is no place to run, we need to remain open to the moment and present with each other-especially when we don't see eye to eye. What a gift it will be to develop the capacity to value one another as never before. How reassuring to know that life-affirming answers are surely forthcoming. Can you see that the reason we are on the planet right now is to engage in a new way of being?

This is not about investing in outcomes or saving the world. It's about deep inner listening and compassion and inclusiveness and creativity and multiple simultaneous acts of unreasonable kindness. It's the Peaceable Kingdom we've desired for eons! It's here; it's now and it can be ours.

Please, read a bit longer...

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-- Critt Jarvis - Wilmington, NC (, January 30, 1999


Nothing new there. Another person who 1) thinks Y2K will be significant and 2) it could lead to good things.

Now, if you find a posting from a "respectable" remote-viewer, I would love to see their comments.

-- Anonymous99 (, January 30, 1999.


Thanks for the great post. It is just a reminder that we must all get the whole Y2K issue in the proper perspective.

-- Bill Watt (, January 30, 1999.


Comments from a respectable remote-viewer (Joe McMoneagle) can be found in the February 1999 issue of Intuition.


-- Critt Jarvis - Wilmington, NC (, January 30, 1999.

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