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The value of the ALCO site was brought up last Thursday's session in our group evaluation with Frank. I will give my thoughts and ask that you add yours.

I believe the ALCO site is a great idea. We can read and share ideas and comments. We have access to it whenever we want.

The down side, as I see it, has been that it was a new process for all of us to learn and use. As we got comfortable with it, we answered Frank's posted questions easily. Then he stopped posting, perhaps thinking we were at a stage that we would just continue the process. Evidently we didn't, including me. This gentle observation Frank made will perhaps get us back to ALCO. (like this posting!)

The using of current technology to share and communicate ideas is also right on track for us educators. The millennium is near!

Journaling was our prior communication method and with Frank only. Journaling is certainly more convenient--no equipment or electricity needed--but it is not a method for wide sharing with our cohort.

Journaling is a more private means, certainly a good choice when private thoughts need to be conveyed.

Here's a process for doing both, if both are desired. Journaling can still be done on a word processor. It can be reflective and private. When finished journaling, the author can decide to send it "as is" to Frank or decide that what was written can be shared with the group in ALCO.

Whatcha think? Rebecca

-- Anonymous, January 30, 1999


By having the alco site as a means of communication for this cohort I have gained a computer experience I would not have opted for on my own. It has been a way to communicate with cohort members between meetings, but I feel it would be more useful if a greater number of members would respond to questions. Much of what has been addressed in the Toxic Child Series can be discussed at the alco site to some degree. I feel in person discussions on many of these issues would be more beneficial and provide immediate feedback and reactions. Journaling tends to become lengthy at times and therefore less likely to be added to the alco site. I like the fact that you can use it at your convenience and go back and reflect on your own comments as well as those of others. With time and repeated use it would become a more frequently used method of interacting.

-- Anonymous, January 31, 1999

Well, here's my first dive into the Alco pool! I hope this works. It's taken me this long to actually figure Alco out and to have something to say. I'm not sure where I stand on the value of this site. It seems that we all need to use it more for it to be a truly valuable and interesting tool. Since we we don't meet right after the Wednesday classes, Alco seems like a good way to explore our thoughts on those presentations. Well, I've held my breath long enough and my hair is turning green from the chlorine--time to get out of the pool!

-- Anonymous, January 31, 1999

Hi All, I am actually having a wonderful time doing this computer stuff. So much fun that I actually might get a computer of my own. Wow, watch out world..I could be dangerous to life on this planet as we know it! Like Joanne, I too have really learned a great deal from the alco sight. For me it has mostly been more time to practice my computer skills and to become more comfortable with the computer. If I had not been forced to use this sight, I would not have gained this extra knowledge. I have also enjoyed the instant feedback. I really felt very disconnected while we were doing the toxic child. This gave me an option of geting a perspective from all of you. I had done the toxic child years ago, and I felt that I gained very little new knowledge from these classes. I was feeling very frustrated by having to give up a night for what I considered a waste of time. So, for me to see that you all were enjoying it was a real eye opener. I think that I could have better used my time working on my thesis. I really think that getting together as a group works better for me. A faster exchange of ideas and perspective. Plus you all are really fun and supportive. Jackie

-- Anonymous, February 01, 1999

The Alco site has been very helpful to me. I have gained many new perspectives from all of you while at the same time I have gained confidence and skills in this world of technology. The convinience of going to the Alco site on my own time schedule is great. I do however, prefer the classroom discussions because of the immediate feedback and the ability that people have when they are in a room together to clarify any points that may be confusing. All in all I think having the Alco site along with classroom discussions only enhances the total experience.

-- Anonymous, February 02, 1999

I like the ALCO Site. I feel its just another avenue for keeping in touch with each other. But... even though ALCO serves a great purpose for our Cohort, I find the most valuable part of this whole process is the oppportunity to dialogue with each other and share information in our informal discussions. We truly have a pool of knowledge to draw from. I have learned so much from all of you. So let's just forge on--the new syllabus looks like we will have more time for discussion together as a cohort.

-- Anonymous, February 02, 1999

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