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Ok, I'm writing after the fact . . . after the discussion Thursday, January 28. Here's what I heard from that discussion and from reading the ALCO site:

Most of us benefitted much by the Toxic Child Series. However, some of us found Wednesday evenings difficult because of prior commitments. The videos were a viable way to catch up, but I don't know that they were officially required. I have caught up, but not because it was expected, but because I want to know this "stuff." I believe the process of check out made viewing the tapes difficult. I know many others have viewed or tried to view the tapes.

Some of us have missed on occasion, or some consistently come late. Accountability to Frank is all that is really necessary, even though I have been curious why missing sessions and "tardiness" have increased. (Here's my accountability to you all: I have missed only Wednesday evenings in November and December because of teaching an evening class at Itasca Community College.)

Most of us missed the interaction of Cohort-only sessions. We have enjoyed the camaraderie of our group--sharing, laughter, and veggie pizza!

Most of us have truly gained from the information and discussion from each other. With our wide variety of student ages, subject areas, and expertise, we have gained tremendously.

We have received the information we have needed to move on in the process for completing our papers. The examples of theses are the prime way to see expectations of a master's paper. Now we have recieved the important information to actually graduate -- the end is in sight! Will we continue to connect with our cohort or our groups after all this is done?

We are in the process of helping to decide what constitutes assessment/evaluation of group projects as compared to individual projects. I have always been one to believe that fairness matters, but in this case, I am stumped. Volume of research, scope of project, individual commentary in the conclusion area leading to a group consenses . . . what an opportunity for us to think about how we evaluate our own students!

Have I missed anything to discuss? Any reactions or comments? Rebecca

-- Anonymous, January 30, 1999

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