What is the sound of a hundred fools ? Scroll down and find out

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I see a hundred great examples of classic narcissm. Fools preening and gloating in the mirror and reveling in hearing themselves talk.

Look out Adrian Adonis, you got some fancy young (and old) upstarts here. Bill Clinton would be proud. Check that, Gary North would be proud.

You reall think Ed Yourdon is concerned about your little Y2K worries? That bastard and dozens like him are making millions off your fear and your all buying it hook, line and sinker. You silly idiots!

-- (Y2K is BS @ here .cm), January 30, 1999


I don't think I need to scroll down to hear what it sounds like. :-)


-- Critt Jarvis (Wilmington, NC) (critt@critt.com), January 30, 1999.

If you're not even worried about Y2K why are you wasting your time on this forum? Perhaps deep down inside your gut feeling is telling you that we may be on to something? Denial is more than a river in Egypt!

Hang around pal, we'll make a beleiver out of you.

-- (@@@.@), January 30, 1999.

And another brain cell bubbles to the surface.

-- Andy (2000EOD@prodigy.net), January 30, 1999.

Since this person has decided not to listen to reason, nor to us, but would rather we insult outselves by replying (re-read the posting); I'd recomend on he reply in the future to this thread.

Cut it off at four "fools" in the "scroll down" list, and one more as the orignal poster.

-- Robert A. Cook, PE (Kennesaw, GA) (cook.r@csaatl.com), January 30, 1999.

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