::::::To Paul the gutless wonder milne and the rest of his Y2K cultists::::::

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Paul Milne,

you my man are so fucking laughable in your own right it's disgusting.

I posted good news my incoherent freind. Whetever the fuck your silly assed comments about my mental state meant the only thing I deduced from them is that every time someone points out the light at the end of the tunnel, your there to shout that it's a train.

To HELL with all you asshole doom and gloomers. Your the real problem here and when I gave advice to keep your money where it belongs it was SOUND fucking advice, not Bullshit. Your going to creat havok in the banking SYSTEM, ( MILNE you fucking prick ) and there won't be any Y2K remediations for the likes of you delusionsal IDIOTS.

Not one fucking shred of proof has fallen into your lap and yet you all have a pretty good idea of whats going to happen. Sure, quote your sources and cite your URL's. It's all theory and you damn well know it. ESP? I really fucking doubt it. Just opinons and extrapolations from so-called experts. The same kinds of people who say the bumblebee cannot fly, theoretically. More like fear seeping it's way into your fragile eggshell minds. Go ahead, live out the rest of the year acting like the world is going to end. Maybe if you get enough people "aware" then you can actually make your silly fantasy come true.

You take every piece of news and slice it into microscopic molecules and analyse the shit out of every tidbit you come across so that you might have the "big picture". Well you know what you pusilanimous pretend freinds of America? Your fucking wrong and all your doing by spreading this bullshit around more is creating a bigger stink. I can see it now, on New Years you'll al be huddled around in your survival communities discussing how wonderful it would be to backtrack into the fucking Dark Ages and reinvent the wheel.

Guess what toadies... your dreams of Y2K salvation fall under the category of paranoid schizophrenic delusionals. Some of your aren't as bad as others, but your God, Paul the insulting gutless wonder Milne is going to be the torch bearer for a new age of "togetherness" and "adaptability". And I bet it won't take much a provocation to get you nuts out there will your guns and your fucking peace symbols, whichever side of the psychiatric coin you land on, and march on Washington to tear down whats taken centuries to build so you can fufill your delusional prophecies of self granduer.

Oh boy I could go on and on. But intead I'm going to start taking COBOL classes tomorrow and start to become part of the solution and not part of the problem. You bunch of friggin crazy assed sons of a bitches can do the world a favor and ship yourselves off to some deserted island where you can live out the rest of your days acting out the final scenes from the movie " The Lord of the Flies".

Milne, and the rest of you bible toting, apocolyptic spewing D&G er's, you can take this post and shove it where ther sun don't shine. Sure there are problems associated with Y2K. Go look in the mirror and you'll see the source of infection. If anyone of you could see how important it is to help solve the problem now then you'd put down your grain mills and your water purifacation tabs and do somthing. But you don't want to do something do you?? You WANT to see the Y2K BS happen, and your all too eager to crucify anyone who says differently. You can now go to the front of the line to collect your pitchforks, balck and white suits and hats with belt buckles and march right the fuck back to Middle England you puritanical pontificating ASSHOLES!!!

Go the fuck home and stay there, some of us have work to do.

See Paul, I don't mince words either. And I'll be all too happy to put a slug in your kneecap so that you can live out the rest of your days homebound and afraid... but I guess you already have the market on that, you don't need my help.


I'm not going to scan shit for you bozos. Do the fucking homework yourself. You propose to know the will of God. You look at headlines and convince yourself that there are ghosts in the machines ready to strike out and strangle us "dependent" sinners. What a sad case of mass hysteria. I can onyl cringe at the kind of fear your going to try and create in the next eleven months. May God have mercy on all of us. Especially you Milne.

-- (Y2K My @SS . Com), January 30, 1999


When you post again, please try to show a little emotion.

-- bland (dull@here.too), January 30, 1999.

The anti-Milne!

Good luck on your COBOL classes. It will take you a minimum of 6 months to "master" it. Then good luck finding a job.

Come to think of it, good luck. Period.

I sincerely wish you well, despite what Milne says.

-- Steve Hartsman (hartsman@ticon.net), January 30, 1999.

And by the way Paul, don't feel like you need to respond. Your words mean fucking NOTHING to me. That goes for the rest of you hopped up armegeddon freaks. TEOTWAYKI begins in your own head. I see your all resolved to convincing yourself that your right so I'm sure in your own special way you'll see exactly what you want to see.

Be careful what you wish for, you "darnit the federal government/ computer programmers/ politicans/ gremlins have really screwed up our lives I wish they were all gone" kind of people.

-- (Y2K My @SS . Com), January 30, 1999.

Doggone it, one more cuss word, and you would have totally convinced me that you were 100% correct on the effects of y2k.

So you want to shoot someone in the kneecap do you? Tell you what, coward, look me up, and you'll wish a shattered kneecap was all you had to worry about.

-- Mike (Boxman9186@aol.com), January 30, 1999.

Now I know what a terrified pornographic Rumpelstiltskin sounds like!

-- Hardliner (searcher@internet.com), January 30, 1999.

Who is this chap? Is he on any sort of medication?

I think we should be told.

Can you imagine what he would do let loose on some Cobol code in August of this year :)))


Two digits. One mechanism. The smallest mistake.

"The conveniences and comforts of humanity in general will be linked up by one mechanism, which will produce comforts and conveniences beyond human imagination. But the smallest mistake will bring the whole mechanism to a certain collapse. In this way the end of the world will be brought about."

Pir-o-Murshid Inayat Khan, 1922 (Sufi Prophet)

-- Andy (2000EOD@prodigy.net), January 30, 1999.

I've been doing COBOL since 1971. FORTRAN before that. ASSEMBLY after. CICS years ago. All MAINFRAME. Today, I'm a SYSTEMS PROGRAMMER. If you want to blame me for the problem, go for it! We didn't have a choice. The HARDWARE gave us a 2 digit year, in ALL these languages, and many more! We worked with what we had. Some of us didn't use the system date, being aware of the problem, but instead used a run-time PARAMETER to supply date information. We don't have a Y2K problem.

These days I still do a fair amount of mainframe stuff, but spend much more time on the PC. State-of-the-art stuff like JAVA and SQL. I've always loved the machine-level and am considered an EXPERT at x86 ASSEMBLY, going back to the pre-PC 8080. Funny, the PC gives us a 4 digit year, and we used it. But we have a Y2K problem. Many of the embedded systems, using x86, 68xxx, and older 8080 and 6502 chips also have big-time Y2K problems. Not the fault of the processors, but the support chips (clocks).

So, you are going to learn COBOL, and help bail us out of this mess? With your attitude, I know you'll introduce more fucking problems than you'll solve, you dumb basterd! Shove it up your ass, and blow me you stupid cunt!

-- Sysman (our_govt@work.gov), January 30, 1999.

Gerald, your a stupid fucking troll! Get off of our forum! You know you lied about the banking documents you fucking pussy.

-- Dickhead (dickhead@ooo.com), January 30, 1999.

This guys logic reminds me of Wily Coyote. He'll be walking along studying that super Acme cobol remediation kit right up until the second the 10 ton boulder lands on his head. When the wheels come off one of these trolls it aint a pretty sight. They hear the glass breaking in the living room but just pull the covers up over their head and hope all they want is the vcr.

-- Nikoli Krushev (doomsday@y2000.com), January 30, 1999.

Ahmed SAVED! Ah see the light! Ah SEE THE LIGHT!!

Thanky! Them there curse-words really helped me un'erstan' how dum ah waz!!

-- Anonymous99 (Anonymous99@Anonymous.com), January 30, 1999.

Why should it matter to you what Paul Milne has said? If you don't like us doom and gloomers, go where things are rosey and sweet. Your message is ironic, after you cuss a blue streak with your foul mouth, you end your message with "May God have mercy on all of us." If I were God I would think twice about offering you that.

-- ~~ (~~@~~.com), January 30, 1999.

After reading some of the posts on these forums, I've decided to get my "Y2K advice" somewhere else.

-- James McLacribittle (athanasiancreed@5star.net), January 30, 1999.

If I wasn't a burned out hippie from the 60's, I would have been insulted by all that cussing. :)

-- Dave (dave22@concentric.net), January 30, 1999.

Please try to get hired on with IBMs team working on the IRS fixes. Just lie about your programing skills. I hope you get a job there, make lots of money and retire to anywhere in Africa. Good luck!

-- Bill (y2khippo@yahoo.com), January 30, 1999.

to Y2K My @SS.Com

I only wish I could be there to see the panic sear through your tiny little brain when TSHTF.

-- Paul Milne (fedinfo@halifax.com), January 30, 1999.

I rest my case. There isn't a single factoid among the whole damn lot of you and your all going to wind up destroying the world with your paranoid fear mongering. Yeah sure I'm a nutcase, but number one, the documents about the bank were all true and I don't feel the least bit surprised that one or more of you delusioned idiots convinced yourself that I was lying. And nuber two, I actually have a pretty good grasp of reality when I need it, like when it coems to Y2K. Nik said something stupid about glass breaking and some other poor shlep said I was a disgrace to God. Well maybe I'm not the best christian in the world but I know that I don't have some global death wish like you freaking losers do. I wonder, is it because your mommy's never loved you enough? Is that why you don't like the world? Did you gt stood up on your prom when you were just a pimple faced teenager? Gee thats sad, why don't you consider therapy instead of cultism.

Go ahead and keep posting your stupid doom and gloom BS, your doing a fine job of corrupting the world with your own sick diseased idea of "reform".

-- (Y2K My@SS. Com), January 30, 1999.


We can assume for now that you are in receipt of a set of documents that indicate your bank has passed every test available.

COOL! 1 out of 12,000. Now what we need are a number of other bank managers willing to violate the rules and show where they and their banks are.

We also need these same folks to indicate how they are going to handle erroneous data from non-compliant offshore banks which passes teh basic parameters and gets input into their systems.

Once we have this info, then we know the banking industry may not be toast.

We may have to open up a LARGE fund for this as, if you check, you will find that, assuming that your manager DID release accurate results to you, he earned himself 20,000 or 30,000 in fines. Minimum. Per document.

Once we know the banking industry ain't toast, then we can start on the really important areas, like power and other energy.


-- Chuck, night driver (rienzoo@en.com), January 30, 1999.

Oh, PS.....

In reference to language.

I've heard worse from my wife when she dropped a hammer on a toe. I can handle it. even if you do try harder next time.

My dad used to say that the level of language used indicated the level of ability to think and express one-self. And HE grew up on the wrong side of the tracks in an Italian neighborhood in central NY.


-- Chuck, night driver (rienzoo@en.com), January 30, 1999.

Hardliner...Did you know just how right you are? The spirits tell me that "Rumpelstiltskin" In German means...rumpled fore skin..Oh how true.

-- Charon (Thatplace@downbelow.com), January 30, 1999.

Dear Y@K MY @SS: The christian churches are doing their fair share of doom and gloom. They are the ones holding the meetings and scaring the poop out of people. Every day I read about some church in the community that's holding a Y2K awareness meeting. I hear people talking about it in town, and the churches not only preach doom and gloom, but they preach about the return of Jesus or the rapture and hell fire and brimstone. If that isn't enough to scare the hell out of someone I don't know what it is. And, they turn to the Bible and preach the stuff out of there just to prove their point. Instead of going home and feeling joyous and righteous, you stop at WalMart to pickup more supplies and then you go home and start loading your guns. So, before your start picking on people on this forum, start going to the churches that are communicating doom and gloom and let loose on them. Just for the record, I saw through these churches a long time ago, and the doom and gloomers here don't even light a match to these so called church goers that you meet on the corner with their end of the world signs.

-- bardou (bardou@baloney.com), January 30, 1999.

Ya know,

This asshole is typical of many of the frightened folks that will drop into this forum and assume that we are all freakin' looking forward to a gigantic collapse...

Are they out of their simple, brain-dead, blinkered little minds?

" but I know that I don't have some global death wish like you freaking losers do."

I bet there is less than a percentile of 1% that want a collapse. A larger percentage is unhappy, to put it mildly, with the way the world is going, but even they would want to bring about change in a better way.

These pea-brains just cannot grasp the bigger picture - it's that simple - they just don't have the intellectual capacity. This is going to be Darwinism at its finest if things go to hell.

Which is fair enough for me sad to say.

Adios y2k my ass.


Two digits. One mechanism. The smallest mistake.

"The conveniences and comforts of humanity in general will be linked up by one mechanism, which will produce comforts and conveniences beyond human imagination. But the smallest mistake will bring the whole mechanism to a certain collapse. In this way the end of the world will be brought about."

Pir-o-Murshid Inayat Khan, 1922 (Sufi Prophet)

-- Andy (2000EOD@prodigy.net), January 30, 1999.

Never wrestle with a pig,

You will get dirty,

and the pig will love it.

-- Bill Watt (billncarol.watt@cwix.com), January 30, 1999.

Sorry about this creep, but he is typical of the "trolls" who abuse the system to stir up trouble.

Overall, stick with us; you'll be glad you "shut out" those who have no civility nor patience. We can't really keep them out of the public forums; so at best just ignore them, and, if you wish, say a prayer for their souls.

Also, on a more pragmatic level, see my response to this same obnoxious idiot on the "responsibility" thread he started. It will show you how we - in general - think about what will happen, and why we are preparing for an uncertain future.

-- Robert A. Cook, PE (Kennesaw, GA) (cook.r@csaatl.com), January 30, 1999.

Y2kMy@ss.com aka cpr . Skipped your AA meetings again tsk. tsk. tsk. Hope your not out of prozac also. See me if you need more.


-- rickjohn (rickjohn1@yahoo.com), January 30, 1999.


You need to get out more my friend, and say hi to the pup for me. Save a spot for Y2K my ass willya?

-- Uncle Deedah (oncebitten@twiceshy.com), January 30, 1999.

bardou -

LOL! class act lady! we'll be there when he gets there, although I have to say I doubt he has the courage to actually take your advice. ah well, there's always prayer, right?


-- Arlin H. Adams (ahadams@ix.netcom.com), January 30, 1999.

Is Mr. My@ss done? Think I'll hit <<=== and find another topic...

-- Sysman (enough@y2k.net), January 31, 1999.

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