I want to buy a woodburning cook stove

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I am looking for a woodburning cook stove. I have looked at the Enterprise, and heartland. They are expensive new. Anyone know of a place that sales them for a reasonable price, or know of a used one for sale? Please respond! Debbi

-- Debbi Edmonds (edmonds@lds.net), January 29, 1999


You can try your local Ace Hardware, they have what we used to call "tin box" wood stoves, they are cheap, but will "burn through" fairly quickly.

-- Seeker (seeker_six@yahoo.com), February 01, 1999.

I just bought a used wood stove in good condition for $40.00. Check in your local trader paper or want ads.

-- Mary (mary@yahoo.com), February 04, 1999.

Here is a link for wood stoves for $175.00 http://www.atkinsid.com/stove.htm

-- Free Life (freedom2k@yahoo.com), February 07, 1999.

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