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If this has been covered before, I apologise, but if this particular forum has technical problems or for some other reason goes off-line or gets fouled-up, is there a Plan B? I will monitor this thread for recommendations of back-up forums that we can use if this one goes down. If there's any consensus, I'll report that in another thread and I'll mention it periodically in new threads. If someone else with more seniority on the forum wants to assume this responsibility, let me know. It would be a shame if this forum went down and the knowledge based were dispersed into the cybersphere.

-- Puddintame (, January 29, 1999


Some useful websites are "mirrored" at one or more other servers. This one is large -- someone would have to be generous.

-- Tom Carey (, January 30, 1999.

Given the growth of this forum, TimeBomb 2000 (Y2000); 44126 messages, latest on January 30, 1999 - 31,000 messages in 1998 - 13,000 in Jan 1999 - there is a strain on the system and this will likely cause this forum to change in some way soon, according to a friend who works behind the scenes keeping this going for us. I told him that the Usenet is the obvious place for relocation, as distasteful as that would be for most forum users, because of the exponential growth of traffic. And on Usenet posts are archived and there are excellent search engines.

-- Mitchell Barnes (, January 31, 1999.

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