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I have just completed my training in the Horizon Software System. The program is called Excent. It is a comprehensive student case management system. It will be used by all special education teachers in I.S.D. #361 in their due process work required by the Minnesota Department of Children, Families, and Learning.

Excent is designed into process sections of Student Information, Process Forms, Evaluation forms, and IEP Forms. The fields on the forms that are state and district are customizable. With this tremendous flexibility and intuitive interface, I can customize almost every field to meet the individual needs.

I know have begun transferring records I use to importing the information into this program. This work is quit extensive but, after it is completed, utilizing this software will in be beneficial to me as a teacher, the special education director, parents, and the students. In addition, the customizing of look up fields and educational goals and objectives will take some time to complete and edit. A collaborative effort among the high school teachers has begun in assisting teachers to implement this program with their case loads.

I am very fortunate and very excited about the school providing me with the opportunity in having this training. I also feel very competent in my skills and look forward to assisting my colleagues as needed. The large expense of purchasing the software and providing training demonstrates our districts conscientiousness and pride in giving the best services in the most professional manner.

-- Anonymous, January 29, 1999

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