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Covey Response by Kim McDonald

The Covey text discussed principles and values that I attempt to live by as an individual, mother, wife and community member. The book provides the framework for an individual to take a personal look at oneself. I read the book in several sittings. My interest was immediately captured as I read the eight discernible characteristics of people who are principle-centered leaders and immediately thought of myself and automatically was placing myself while I read. The traits are admirable anddesireable in any individual.

As I continued throught the text I kept thinking about my role as an educator, sister of an emotionally disturbed adult and past member of a board at a local child carecenter. I kept thinking about my role and how I might be of assistance in the various challenging situations noted above (I do not see the need to expand on the individual cases) utilizing techniques discussed in the book. As I read and finished the book I could see areas where I can continue to grow. however, I was unable to find the key to assisting without overstepping boundaries for two of the cases.

I believe in Covey's statement of being response-able. I think that we all have thepower to make choices. If we are unhappy with our choices, then it is up to the individual to make changes.

One other point of interest to me was about making deposits into the emotional bank account. I like the simplicity of the statement. Clearly understandable by most people and easily implemented when having difficulty in a relationship.

I had one area of concern that I had while reading Covey. How would an individual with low self esteem feel upon being presented with Covey's ideas? Might the individual feel incapable of even touching some of the principles which may harm the esteem even more when the desireable qualities seem so unachieveable.

In conclusion, I feel the information presented in Covey's book has the potential for great group discussions...writing a paragraph is hard to do.

-- Anonymous, January 29, 1999


Kim,I think you did a very good job writing a paragraph about a very interesting book. The book is always more interesting when it relates to things in your family or life. I also hope the group will have more time to discuss the many interesting books we are reading.


-- Anonymous, January 29, 1999

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