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How are people getting information from their local governments about community efforts to assure police, fire, first aid, utility,and other essential services? Can anyone share some experiences about successes or interesting failures in dealing with elected officials and bureaucrats? Thanks!

-- Richard Warner (, January 29, 1999


I have done enough research in my (northern) town to convince myself that there is NO church, NO local group, NO neighborhood, NO business, and NO town-sponsored Y2K emergency planning (beyond the 24-hour blizzard variety) should the infrastructure go down. OTOH, I believe my town is well ahead of the curve as far as correcting its own systems. My town has been faring well, and I would like it to retain a competitive advantage as far as business and living conditions when this is over. But I see its success with its own systems leading to a dangerous complacency about prudent emergency preparations.

One of our happy-face selectmen is also the State Y2K Coordinator. Both a blessing and a curse. If he isn't concerned, why should the other town officials be!

You'd think the town would be proud about what it has accomplished so far and would be volunteering the good news! Of course not! I had to convince our local rag to drag the information out of them and start letting us know where things stand. I don't see the usual channels resulting in any explanations that there are reasons for additional individual and community preparation. Yesterday the rag briefly identified the available shelters (can't see a majority of the town squeezing into them), and mentioned that we should bring a blanket with us when we come down FOR THE DAY!!

My second line of attack is the Chamber of Commerce. I'm mercilessly feeding the new chairman information. Maybe if our business community realizes the necessity of getting its systems and supply chains in order, it will also lobby the town for more contingency information.

I'm also talking up individuals, especially ones who are in key neighborhood, organization, or political situations in town.

Thanks to all the great information (especially URLs) that has come out recently, my next step is likely to be pamphlets. Library, Town meeting (late March). I have a need at the moment to keep a low profile, so I will explore whether my rag will publish a letter-to-the-editor with "name withheld upon request".

Looking forward to more ideas.

-- Brooks (, January 29, 1999.

Community awareness as I am seeing it now, means community panic. People are talking about taking their money out of the bank and have already done so. Shortages in matches, lamp oil, wicks, and some canned goods. I saw one lady the other day with 2 cases of chili. I had to laugh at myself because that's what I was doing many months ago. I'm going to take inventory today at a different WalMart in a different town than mine today. Some of my husband's coworkers are just now beginning to talk about it. Some of their wives have attended church Y2K meetings or community town meetings and he said they are all stocking up and buying 12 gauge shot guns. The clerk told me the other day that they are selling 100 shot guns a week. So if that isn't panic buying, I don't know what is...hunting season is over, but I guess a new one will begin.

-- bardou (, January 29, 1999.

Richard, below you will find a copy of my e-mail I sent after going to our counties first y2k meeting, mind you there were no officials there just folks, officials they say will come later?????? yeh right ............................................. Dear Dan,

If I might be so familiar, remember I am one of the old ladies who was writing to you about the y2k thing just before the holidays,

tonight there was a meeting on Bisso that was supposed to be about y2k community preparedness,

we had hoped you might be there, someone wondered if anyone had met you,

at any rate I took some notes and will describe the meeting for what its worth, my thoughts

in attendance:

bruce-sort of setting this up, rather nice, not much ego in the way, wants to help community, clearly learning as fast as he can, but still far behind, recommends "Awakening:The Upside of Y2K", HELLO, LETS GET REAL HERE

doris-also sort of running meeting, writes on large paper, worried about poor, elderly and disabled, also clueless

julienne-me, y2k aware and prepping for over a year, on scale of 0-10 I think this is going to be an 11 and I only have enough $$$ to prepare for about a 4, most wrenching problem at this minute is water, if it doesn't flow we are toast

harvona- my friend and shadow for the past year preparing


marti-at least has plan to have a neighborhood potluck soon, knows about early failure dates

rudy-on CCC Advisory board for elderly I think-really clueless, suggests someone told him "Jesus" was coming in 2000

bob-professor at DVC, worried about nuclear weapons and plants, intelligent

edith-retired physician, lives in Rossmoor, they are earthquake prepared for 72 independent hours, WOW

eileen-retired nurse


catherine-interested in nukes too, passed out flyer about nukes and y2k meeting at WC unitarian church 2/28 at 12:30

mary-wants to coalition with other coalitions??????

brian-young father has actually done some personal prep

mike-brians single brother, nerd/geek works on y2k for Kaiser he thinks they are doing fine, I had not the heart to tell him that I am a personal friend of one of the 2 co-team leaders for Kaiser Y2K who just bought 5 acres in the sierras............

mark-worked for IBM, now has own business, wants us to define compliant...................

joe-county better government task force, is this an oxymoron?

linda-another of my friends, working as y2k information center for Hope Church, they are going to start having y2k film available to public and other info, she has done extensive home prep

patti-all men in her family work in San Jose, needs to be self reliant, practical questions about generators etc

debbi-early stages

that's it out of a county with a population of about 900,000 with 227 work days out of 344 days left in this year

someone said a guy named Steinbrenner with the county said ours is one of the most compliant in the state, aren't you glad, now they can collect the taxes,

the city of concord has a y2k flyer, don't you feel better?

next meeting 2/4/99 7-9pm

I think I am going to be sick now,



I wrote that late last night, in the clear light of morning I am even more upset,

no leadership, no awareness, 6 out of 900,000, give me a break even if it were 6,000 out of 900,000,

I have prepared and stored for our family of 9 and could stretch to perhaps hold on by our fingernails 90,

our community is suburb/edged rural,

this is too too sickmaking, julienne

-- julienne (, January 29, 1999.

It's too late. It's at a point now where it is all talk and very little action. In our community, the sheriff and Red Cross told everyone to take care of themselves. Do you see what's going on in Columbia? The looting and violence? People are upset because the government and Red Cross aren't acting fast enough. It will be that way here too, people said that they are hungry and their children too. Brace yourself and prepare, prepare, prepare.

-- bardou (, January 29, 1999.

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